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A jug of Inpria's inorganic photoresist material.
Materials Science

OSU startup Inpria nets $514M acquisition for trailblazing chemical manufacturing

Inpria Corporation, which got its start at Oregon State and which has attracted investors such as Intel and Samsung with its revolutionary material used in microchips, has agreed to be acquired by Japanese firm JSR for $514 million.

Aerial shot of Corvallis, Oregon.
College of Science

Murdock grant to advance innovations in digital chemical discovery and manufacturing

A pivotal Oregon State chemistry project – funded by a $493K grant from the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust – will create a distinctive collaboration center for academic and industrial researchers that will bring synthetic chemistry into the digital age.

Macro image of Silicon wafers

OSU spinout company Inpria raises $31 million

A scientific breakthrough leads to an innovative solution for the marketplace.

Memorial union at sunset

American Chemical Society-Portland Section hosts science startup forum at OSU

The Oregon Nanoscience and Microtechnology Institute is hosting an all-day science forum on campus on Saturday, on April 28, 2018, to encourage science entrepreneurship.

Blue pigment jars on top of fluorescent red backdrop

The quest for the next billion-dollar color

From plastics to cosmetics, the impact of our YInMn blue discovery that started with science but goes beyond the color and pigment industry.

desert hill with clear sky

150 years of science for land and sun

Science programs have guided the evolution of research and education at OSU since its 1868 land grant designation.

Subramanian and Matisse in paint store

YInMn Blue now available to artists

Australian paint supply company Derivan has turned YInMn Blue into a color for artists, ensuring that the beauty and artistic merits of the new color pigment will be discovered and enjoyed by many.

salt water fish swimming in creek
Materials Science

Sustaining Resources

Materials scientists at Oregon State are working on new energy and environmental applications that will contribute to a healthy planet.

children checking out booths led by college students

Discovery Days is here!

On November 2 and 3, 1500 K-12 students gather for Discovery Days on campus.

Jonathan Van Why standing outside of Kidder Hall
Alumni and Friends

Mathematics + Robotics = Google job

Honors College and mathematics major Johnathan Van Why lands job at Google months before graduation.

closeup of hands putting batteries into recycling
Alumni and Friends

Recycling for a better future

Chemistry alumnus Steven Sloop (Ph.D., '96) is at the forefront of global efforts to invent and commercialize a clean battery recycling technology.

Sandra Loesgen with Cassandra Lew holding beakers in their lab

From dirt to drugs

Chemist Sandra Loesgen's lab studies fungi and bacteria found in dirt to find cures for diseases such as cancer.