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Graduate Student Life

Two students sitting on a bench eating lunch outside of Strand Agriculture Hall.

Graduate Orientation Week

Graduate Orientation Week occurs two weeks before the start of fall term. Hosted by both the Graduate School and the Department of Chemistry, the mandatory orientation activities help incoming graduate students register for their classes, complete their paperwork, integrate into their divisions and learn how to be teaching assistants. Just as important, Orientation Week allows students to get to know each other, their faculty mentors and the senior graduate students with whom they will be spending time. While the events are similar from one year to another, the schedule does vary slightly. As such, rather than posting a schedule online, we send each incoming graduate student a Graduate Orientation Week schedule before they arrive in the fall.

    Join us for Orientation Week to learn about

    • Safety training
    • Registration for classes
    • Teaching Assistant training
    • Human Resources paperwork
    • Laboratory workshops

    Graduate awards and fellowships

    The chemistry department awards approximately 17 different awards and fellowships to recipients across disciplines, totaling an average of $205,000 in graduate student summer support. Many of these awards and fellowships are made possible by generous donations from departmental benefactors.

    Find out more about the graduate awards and fellowships 

    Graduate student FAQ

    You've been admitted to the chemistry graduate program. Now what? This list of FAQs can help you get started.

    Learn more about the graduate program 

    Mental and emotional health

    Graduate school can be a deeply rewarding experience, but many people may also find it stressful. In the Department of Chemistry, your mental health and wellbeing are a top priority. We hope to ensure that our graduate students all have the resources they need to flourish at Oregon State University.

    Engagement and leadership opportunities

    The Graduate Student Ambassador program is designed to connect prospective students with current Oregon State graduate students. This program provides prospective and current graduate students with positive peer relationships that promote a more involved community on campus.

    The Graduate Student Advisory Council (GSAC) provides a graduate student perspective on topics related to the graduate student experience. The GSAC serves as a focus group for the Graduate School, student affairs and other administrative units at Oregon State University.

    Graduate student resources

    Oregon State University, the College of Science, and the Department of Chemistry offer many useful resources to students. Utilizing resources that support your physical, mental, and emotional health, education, and career path can be a big help when navigating the grad student experience.

    Disability Access Services

    Disability Access Services provides accommodations including alternative testing and classroom access, deaf and hard-of-hearing services and academic coaching to enhance student success at Oregon State University.