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Student mixing minerals in a lab with a pink flower on the table.

Prepare for rewarding careers with a strong foundation in chemistry

An undergraduate degree in chemistry opens a gateway to a variety of careers or further studies. You will receive a solid foundation that will help you go far in professions including forensics, medicine, biotechnology and nanotechnology, electronics, agricultural and food science, oceanography, and environmental science. At OSU, we provide a very flexible curriculum that can be tuned to your interests.

Chemistry at OSU has an outstanding record of placing its graduates


placed by graduation


into industry or government


to graduate or professional schools

Find your path

The Department of Chemistry caters to a diverse range of interests and career paths with our customizable degree programs. Choose an ACS accredited degree and get the most rigorous background in chemistry offered at Oregon State. Or hone your multidisciplinary expertise with an option catered to a complementary interest. We even offer a well-rounded B.A. degree for students interested in a deeper liberal arts education.

Opportunities in chemistry

Develop as a scientist while pursuing one of our many opportunities in research and community outreach. The chemistry department has a number of awards that recognize your achievements and enable you to do science that inspires you.

Get involved with our numerous chemistry opportunities 

Work with our internationally recognized faculty.

Conduct independent research while enhancing your professional development. With expertise in sustainable materials, environmental, organic and nuclear chemistry, our faculty are well equipped to train you in the skills needed to address tomorrow's challenges.

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Student life

Clubs and student organizations are a great way to enrich your college experience. Two of the 33 science clubs on campus, Chemistry Club and co-ed fraternity Alpha Chi Sigma, are dedicated to exploring chemistry in fun and adventurous ways.

Find your place at OSU 

Welcome transfer students!

Whether you're transferring from a community college or a four-year institution, we have the resources to help. Nearly 30% of students in the College of Science are transfer students, many of whom have quickly integrated in to our vibrant chemistry research community. With our dedication to cutting-edge research and innovative teaching practices, our department has the tools to help you achieve your career goals.

Post baccalaureate degree in chemistry

Students with a B.S. or B.A. degree not in chemistry from another institution may earn a B.S. or B.A. degree in chemistry based on Oregon State University's academic regulations.