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Lab safety

May Nyman working in the lab with a student.

Ensuring that the Department of Chemistry remains a safe place to work is the collective responsibility of all members of the organization. We work with Environmental Health and Safety to insure our students, staff and faculty are trained in chemical safety and abiding by the regulatory requirements established at the local, state and federal level.

The departmental safety committee welcomes comments regarding safety policy and also requests the reporting of all accidents and incidents (including near misses, unsafe practices, etc.) occurring in connection to the activities of the Department of Chemistry.

Safety and clean-up equipment in Gilbert Hall and Gilbert Addition (GBAD)

Exhaust fan

  • Stored in Chem Stores (Gilbert Hall 154)

Fire alarms (alert Corvallis Fire Dept)

  • Stored in corridors near stairwells of Gilbert Hall
  • Next to stairs in north and south ground floor lobby of GBAD

Fire blankets

  • Gilbert Hall 318 and 338
  • Stored on the same wall as the issue room in GBAD

Fire extinguishers

  • Back-ups available in most fire hose cabinets on each floor
  • Stored in corridors near to laboratory doors and by many exits
  • Stored on same wall as the issue room in GBAD and in same aisle next to hoods; each hood is also equipped with automatic fire extinguishers

First-aid kits/cabinets

  • Stored in all shops, Gilbert Hall 023, 123, 153, 223, 323 and Chem Stores
  • Stored on same wall as issue room in GBAD, one at each end on all floors

Safety showers and eye washes

  • All laboratories have one of each
  • Eyewashes - two in each aisle all floors in GBAD; showers - two in entrance aisle next to hoods

Flood control (mops and buckets)

  • Stored in student shop, Gilbert Hall 123, 235 and 323
  • Stored one set on each floor

Fume tester and hood draft test

  • Contact EH&S, 7-2273

Safety goggles (to be worn at all times in labs)

  • Available for purchase at Chem Stores or through University Safety Office

Spill control

  • Each group should maintain absorbent material to tackle chemical spills (contact EH&S for major spill control); solvent absorbent material for spills on each floor pillows available at Chem Stores