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Ecampus and Hybrid Courses

A student typing on their laptop in a brightly lit room.

Oregon State University's chemistry courses provide a wide range of learning options for students interested in expanding their chemistry knowledge at a location and schedule that works for them.

The Department of Chemistry offers courses through the ecampus office, but also digitally through our department which we refer to as either online or hybrid courses. Online courses are offered in a fully digital format, while hybrid courses have only a portion of the coursework offered in digital format, in addition to some on-campus hands-on experience.

Hybrid general chemistry

These sequences provide a year of general chemistry.

The CH 12X series is designed for students pursuing non-science degrees, but who still need chemistry courses as part of their degree requirements. CH 12X includes lab sections.

The CH 23X series is designed for students pursuing a degree in the sciences and has a separate lab portion (CH 26X) that must be taken concurrently with the CH 23X lecture section.

Online organic chemistry

This sequence provides a year of organic chemistry for pre-professional students (medicine, dentistry, optometry, pharmacy, and other health professions) and other students not majoring in chemistry.

Ecampus physical chemistry

The only accredited Ecampus physical chemistry program in the country!

This course covers thermodynamics, electrochemistry, solutions, kinetic theory of gases, chemical kinetics, quantum theory and statistical mechanics, molecular structure and spectroscopy.

Other chemistry courses and lab fees

Other chemistry courses include our general chemistry series for science majors and non-majors, as well as more specialized courses for students looking for higher-level learning.