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Awards and Honors

Table displays at a College of Science award ceremony.

The Department of Chemistry is proud to hold two annual awards ceremonies to celebrate individuals who have made exceptional contributions to our department! The spring awards ceremony honors our graduate and undergraduate students for their excellence. The fall awards ceremony acknowledges the teaching and service of our faculty, staff and TAs.

Milton Harris Faculty Teaching Award

This award recognizes outstanding teaching as indicated by teaching evaluations and strong, positive comments from students. It is presented at the fall picnic put on by the Department of Chemistry.

Milton Harris Faculty Teaching Awardees 

James H. Krueger Faculty Teaching Award

The James H Krueger Faculty Teaching Award is given in recognition of an instructor’s ability to provide an effective environment for learning as well as a sustained dedication to our teaching program. This award is presented at the chemistry fall picnic.

James H. Krueger Faculty Teaching Awardees 

Staff Service Award

The Staff Service Award is presented to a staff member who continually goes above and beyond the call of duty in performing their job. Their hard work and dedication to the department are part of what makes the chemistry department such a unique place to work. This award is presented at the fall picnic.

Staff Service Awardees 

Resilience Heroes Award

Heroes have stepped up in these unpredictable and challenging times for the department and OSU. The Department of Chemistry Resilience Award was created in 2020 to honor them and their actions. This award recognized chemistry department members who went above and beyond their stated duties to serve the department, College, and university during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Previous award winners


Jacob "Jak" Pracktor, Kristi Edwards


Sierra Hansen, Jeff Morre, Rusty Root, Cassie Siler, Paula Weiss

OSU undergraduate scholarships

OSU offers scholarships for first-year and transfer students to recognize their academic achievements. These include the Presidential Scholarship, Provost Scholarship, and the Diversity Achievement Scholarship.

Undergraduate of the Quarter

Each term, chemistry undergraduates are nominated by faculty, staff and students to be chosen for the Undergraduates of the Quarter award. From those nominations, two deserving undergraduates are chosen by the Head Undergraduate Advisor to receive this honor. Awardees are interviewed by the Department Head, featured on The Erlenmeyer Flask, and in the chemistry newsletter.

Graduate awards and fellowships

Departmental advisors nominate their graduate students for these summer awards and fellowships that cover salary for the summer months so students can focus on research. Funds for these various awards are generally provided by generous donations from alumni and friends of the department.