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A graduate student analyzing data on a computer while working in a lab.

Join a thriving graduate program of over 120 students

Every graduate student in the Department of Chemistry is advised by one of 19 research-active faculty members, who foster them in their division of analytical, organic, materials/inorganic, physical, nuclear or computational chemistry. Not only do our students work within their groups, but they are also often given the opportunity to work across groups and drive cutting-edge scientific collaboration.

Graduate school marks a major academic milestone, and can prepare individuals for rewarding careers in their fields of interest. The chemistry program is academically challenging, and requires rigor and self-determination. You will not only deepen your knowledge of chemical constructs and reactions, you will also acquire the skills necessary to succeed as a chemist in industry or academia. You will grow a greater understanding of creative scientific experimentation and the manner this knowledge base can be used in your professional life.

Prospective students

Our graduate program provides an excellent foundation for a future in chemistry. Graduate students collaborate with world-class research faculty to prepare their programs of study and develop teaching and research experience. Our alumni have gone on to become cutting-edge researchers, passionate professors, innovators and CEOs.

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Graduate student life

As a graduate student you will have unlimited opportunities to build your leadership potential, from teaching to serving on the graduate student council. Oregon State strives to be sensitive to emotional and cultural concerns as well as academic performance. You will have access a variety of counseling services, as well as more than 50 clubs and seven cultural centers to help you build community.

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Research in chemistry

Join nearly 100 students from around the world in pursuit of a M.S. or Ph.D. degree in chemistry at OSU. Our faculty work in the forefront of research on healthcare, sustainability and energy efficient technologies. As a graduate student, you will have access to state-of-the art laboratory technology as well as the opportunity to translate research breakthroughs into commercial use.

Our graduate students earn top marks

Current students

Being a graduate student in chemistry is equal parts exciting, important, rigorous and challenging. And sometimes stressful and confusing, too. We are here to help: Find the OSU and department resources you need.

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Although you will spend a lot of time your first year with classes and teaching, a graduate degree in chemistry is built around research. Selecting your major advisor and research topic is one of the most important decisions that you will make at Oregon State! Of course, any number of our faculty are always available to assist with any problems that may arise, as well as our Chemistry Graduate Coordinator (

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Find the resources you need

Finding the right paperwork can be an agonizing process when all you want to focus on is research. We have a collection of resources including travel funding, reimbursements and quick links for mental and emotional health services. In addition, the Graduate School website site also has a curated list of campus resources to help you with everything from laptop loans to recreational sports and much more to support your success.

Connect with your graduate coordinator

Your graduate coordinator is available to help you with anything from finding housing to receiving stipends.

Connect with Tara Stacy, at, or by phone at (541) 737-6708.