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The Graduate Program in Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry at Oregon State University is home to a thriving graduate program that currently includes over 100 graduate students. Each student is advised by one of 19 research-active faculty members, who foster them in their division of analytical, organic, materials/inorganic, physical, or computational chemistry. Not only do our students work within their groups, but they are also often given the opportunity to work across groups, creating the opportunity to drive cutting-edge scientific collaboration.

The program itself is carefully laid out. Each graduate student works with his or her advisor to create a study program that details all the coursework that the student will take during their tenure here. Early on, students start to take thesis credits in order to complete research and prepare for their eventual thesis defense. The organic and analytical divisions both take cumulative exams, and all Ph.D. students are required to take an oral preliminary exam, usually around their second or early in their third year in the program. Following that, they complete their thesis and defend.

Beyond the traditional components of the Graduate Program, we offer additional opportunities such as the Teaching Mentor Program and Research2Innovation2Society. While the Teaching Mentor Program serves to prepare graduate students for work in teaching and academia, the Research2Innovation2Society teaches graduate students how to find innovation in their research that could be viable in the marketplace.

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