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Strategic Plan and Vision

An aerial shot of Weatherford Hall during sunset.

Our strategic plan

The Department of Chemistry within the College of Science is uniquely positioned to support Oregon State University’s mission of “producing graduates competitive in the global economy, supporting a continuous search for new knowledge and solutions and maintaining a rigorous focus on academic excellence.” The department develops robust thinkers and problem solvers through its coursework and provides experiential learning opportunities involving laboratory practice, research, internships and professional development programs.

Our vision

The Department of Chemistry's vision is to make distinct and lasting contributions at the forefront of chemistry by focusing on two signature areas of basic research: improving human health, and developing and designing new materials and chemical processes to lead the way toward a sustainable future. Additionally, we seek to transform the student experience by integrating teaching, research and professional development across the curriculum.

Improving human health

Advancing our understanding of diseases requires a molecular toolset for probing and affecting the structures of biological targets and the modulation of biological pathways and networks. Through advances in target-based drug discovery, small-molecule synthesis and techniques for studying biomolecular processes, the Chemistry Department paves the way for treatments to improve human health.

Diagnosis and exploration

Developing novel tools, technologies and techniques to identify and better understand disease at the molecular level, which enables advancement in diagnosis and mechanism of action.


Identifying promising molecules and methods for the treatment of human diseases with cross-disciplinary approaches and strategic partnerships to facilitate clinical development.

New materials and chemical processes that lead the way to a sustainable future

Growing populations and rising living standards are placing undue pressure on ecological diversity and balance. The chemistry department conducts research on innovative, economically driven approaches that will preserve the planet, support sustainable development and raise global living standards.

Renewable energy

Driving discovery and development of new chemistries that will enable high-efficiency energy conversion to electricity and high-density energy storage.


Transforming the design and implementation of unit chemical processes to make them energy efficient, environmentally benign and conducive to rapid commercialization.

Transforming the student experience

Our department seeks to transform the student experience by integrating teaching, research and professional development across the curriculum.


Proactive student success initiatives are facilitated by interactive teaching techniques, advanced classroom facilities and integrated approaches to undergraduate laboratory classes. Students are engaged as scientists through undergraduate research, and career development is fostered through external internships.


The graduate experience is focused on supporting individual career pathways through integration of research and professional skills development. Opportunities are provided to collaborate across disciplines and to apply knowledge in areas beyond chemistry. Internships in industry and at national laboratories provide valuable experiences for those planning research careers in research and development. Our Teaching Mentor program provides a unique mentor and in-class experience for students planning a career in academics.

Distance education

To promote student opportunities and access, our department draws on the excellence of the our on-campus courses to deliver an online education experience now ranked among the Top 5 programs in the US.


Through our platform of “Training the Innovator,” the department strengthens student skill levels in communication, teamwork, strategic planning and networking, thereby enhancing potential for career success. Network building expands the reach of the department and creates new pathways to translate basic research to commercial products.