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Student working in lab with Chris Beaudry.

Since we awarded our first Ph.D. in 1935, the Department of Chemistry at Oregon State University has grown into a thriving community of students and faculty whose research stretches across analytical, organic, material, physical, computational, and nuclear boundaries.

Our graduate program is carefully laid out; Each graduate student will work with their advisor to create a study program that details the coursework they will take during their tenure here. Early on, students take thesis credits to complete research and prepare for their eventual thesis defense. All Ph.D. students must take an oral preliminary exam — usually around the program's second or early third year. Ph.D. candidates usually complete their thesis and defend 2-3 years later.

Discover your research area

At Oregon State University, we pride ourselves on being attentive to all graduate students, from initial contact for interviews to matriculation to the final decision to join a particular research group. Prospective chemistry graduate students are informed of the potential research areas during the interview process before they are admitted into the program to ensure an ideal match between students and research groups. Upon arrival, all students are required to attend the faculty research seminar series to be further informed of the active research areas in the department. After consulting with several faculty members individually, a student can make a final choice of research direction, preferably in the winter term, but no later than May 1 of that academic year. In some cases, a student may also be recruited by a particular research group or research area for a predefined project.

Fund your graduate studies

Numerous assistantships, fellowships and scholarships are available to provide financial support for your graduate studies.

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Plan your visit

The Department of Chemistry hosts an Open House Weekend every March to introduce prospective graduate students to our graduate program. Invitations to this weekend are usually extended to all domestic applicants that have been accepted by the department.

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Prepare your application

Questions on how to apply for our graduate program? Our guidelines make applying easy by helping you through the process. We can't wait to have you!

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International students

Our graduate program welcomes students from all over the globe! Current students hail from far-off places, such as China, India, Iran, Nigeria, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam, just to name a few. See our specific requirements for international student applications.