Summary Table

Oregon Private Colleges and Universities


Equivalent to OSU CH 221

OSU Articulation

Equivalent to OSU CH 223

OSU Articulation

Corban College

CH 214 + CH 214L for lab

CH 231 + 261

CH 224 + CH 244L for lab

CH 233 + 263

George Fox University

CH 211 CH 221 CH 212  CH 223 
Lewis and Clark College
CHEM 110
CH 221 CHEM 120 CH 223
Linfield College CHEM 210 CH 221 CHEM 211 CH 223
Pacific University CHEM 220 CH 221 CHEM 229 CH 223
Reed College CHEM 101 CH 221 CHEM 102 CH 223
University of Portland

CH 207 + CH 277 for lab

CH 231 + 261

CH 208 + CH 278 (or 279) for lab

CH 233 + 263

Willamette University CHEM 115 CH 221 CHEM 116 CH 223


All private schools are based on semesters and both semesters must be completed to fulfill the OSU general chemistry requirement.

Courses in red articulated as CH LDT before Spring 2011 and an overide must be requested from the chemistry office to take subsequent CH courses.

If only the first semester is taken, the first course is prerequisite for OSU CH 222 (NOT CH 223).

Completion of both semesters in the sequence is considered equivalent to completion of three quarters at OSU or one year of general chemistry.

When the total equivalent quarter credits of a lecture/lab course exceed 5 cr or of a separate lecture exceed 4 cr, the remainder of the credits articulate as CH LDT.

Any other chemistry courses from these schools, but not shown in this table, do not serve as acceptable general chemistry courses at OSU for programs at OSU.

More detailed information about articulation from Oregon Private Colleges or Universities