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Doug Keszler standing in SEC awning

Chemist honored at American Chemical Society's award symposium

Douglas Keszler, professor in chemistry

Oregon State chemists are in a celebratory mood at the 253rd American Chemical Society (ACS) Spring National Meeting that is underway in San Francisco, April 2-6, 2017. A series of events have been scheduled, including an award symposium, to honor Distinguished Professor of Chemistry Douglas Keszler. He is a recipient of the 2017 ACS national award in Chemistry of Materials. The ACS Award in the Chemistry of Materials is sponsored by DuPont, one of the world’s leading chemical companies.

Keszler's award address on the morning of April 3 will be followed by an award reception to honor him and celebrate the many successes of the Center for Materials and Sustainable Chemistry (CSMC) at Oregon State. Keszler is the director of the National Science Foundation supported CSMC. Owing to Keszler’s scientific leadership, the CSMC has emerged as one of the foremost research and educational institutes for chemical innovation in the nation. At the Center, collaborative research is carried out across eight academic institutions throughout the country to develop materials and methods for sustainable green chemistry.

An award symposium in Keszler's honor on April 2 & 4 will feature numerous Department of Chemistry faculty and graduate students affiliated with the CSMC, who will be presenting talks and posters over two days at the conference.

The symposium will include a research session on advanced materials technologies that are transforming chemical understanding and enabling technologies relevant to a sustainable future and a market session that explores the research and market link essential for each of the described innovations to become a successful solution to a market need.

The symposium will feature a highly distinguished roster of scientists and innovators from within and outside Oregon State University. Scientists from Rutgers University, Navy Research Laboratory, University of Oregon, Impria, Institute de Recherché de Chimie, Paris, Washington University, St. Louis, University of California, Berkeley, University of California, Santa Barbara, 3D Nanocolor, ON Semiconductor and Oregon Nanoscience and Microtechnologies Institute (ONAMI) will discuss their research at the symposium.

Oregon State researchers who will be presenting their research at the award symposium and ACS include:

Tsung-Han Ching "Atomic Solid State Energy Scale"

Janet Tate (Department of Physics) "Chalcogenide semiconductors as p-type transparent conductors, absorbers and alloys"

May Nyman "Metal-oxo clusters from across the periodic table"

Douglas Keszler "Importance and value of fundamentally inspired use, use-inspired and market-informed research"

Judith C. Giordan "Next generation innovators"

In addition, there will be an interactive panel with Keszler and others, entitled "Chemists using business acumen and transformative research to address societal needs." A second panel, "Research to innovation CSMC Legacy: Training the next generation" will feature chemistry assistant professor Michelle Dolgos among other speakers.

The award symposium includes a poster session. Posters will be presented by:

Ryan H. Mansergh "Film formation from peroxo hexatantalate precursors”

Deok-Hie Park "Amorphous niobium phosphate thin films from clusters in water"

Cory K. Perkins "Solution-processed low-refractive index alumina-based thin films for anti-reflective coatings"

Cory K. Perkins "Improved synthesis of the elusive aluminum hydroxide octamer [Al8(OH)14(H2O)18]10+ cluster”

Lindsay Wills "Understanding the effect of counterions on the hydrolysis of aqueous aluminum hydroxo clusters using QM computations”

Chris E. Malmberg "Reactions of hexatantalate and hexaniobate with hydrogen peroxide”

Danielle Hutchinson “Solution speciation of amphoteric early transition metal clusters”

Morgan Olsen “Tin and alkyltin speciation on aqueous and nonaqueous solutions”

Nizan Kenane "Characterization of n-butylSnOOH for nanopatterning: Radiation behavior"

Jenn M. Amador "Characterization of n-butylSnOOH for nanopatterning: Solution precursor and film”

Mengjun Li “Characterization of n-BuSnOOH: Solution precursor identity and film quality”

Ryan T. Frederick “Characterization of butyl tin photoresists with electron stimulated desorption and temperature programmed desorption”

Bettye Maddux “Alternative organotin clusters for thin films: Low environmental impacts under simulated environmental conditions”

Vasily Gouliouk "Light emission from an electrical conductor”

Jaeseok Heo “Design meets nature: New tetrahedrite superabsorbers”

Liangdong Zhu "Photochemical reaction coordinates of metal-organic complexes in solution revealed by femtosecond electronic and Raman spectroscopy"