Type of Student or Information Contact
General advising information for chemistry minors and majors, forms such as "change of major", or identification of your advisor chemweb@oregonstate.edu
Students transferring to chemistry from another OSU department or from another school or who have recently transferred to chemistry and do not have a chemistry advisor Christine Pastorek, lead adviser OR (if not available) Kevin Gable, assistant lead adviser
Current chemistry majors Your own advisor. For your advisor's name - contact chemweb@oregonstate.edu
Chemistry minors Christine Pastorek, lead advisor
Transfer of courses from other institutions Christine Pastorek, lead advisor


Faculty chemistry advisers
or staff member
Phone number
Main Chemistry Office 2081 153 Gilbert chemweb@oregonstate.edu
Christine Pastorek (head adviser) 6732 247 Gilbert christine.pastorek@oregonstate.edu
James D. Ingle 6743 018 Gilbert james.ingle@oregonstate.edu
Marita Barth 4194 153 Gilbert barthm@science.oregonstate.edu
Chris Beaudry 6746 LPSC 233 christopher.beaudry@oregonstate.edu
Paul Blakemore 6728 LPSC 235 paul.blakemore@oregonstate.edu
Denis Drolet 3599 LPSC 257 droletd@oregonstate.edu
Chong Fang 6704 LPSC 255 chong.fang@oregonstate.edu
Kevin Gable (assistant lead adviser) 6744 234 Gilbert kevin.gable@oregonstate.edu
Margie Haak 6716 141 Gilbert margie.haak@oregonstate.edu
Amila Liyanage 2374 349 Gilbert Amila.Liyanage@oregonstate.edu
Wei Kong 6714 004 Gilbert wei.kong@oregonstate.edu
Kyriakos Stylianou 9400 333 Gilbert kyriakos.stylianou@oregonstate.edu
Daniel Myles (premed option only) 6756 145 Gilbert daniel.myles@oregonstate.edu
Joseph W. Nibler 6715 101 Gilbert joseph.nibler@oregonstate.edu
Neal Sleszynski (premed option only) 6761 231 Gilbert neal.sleszynski@oregonstate.edu
Jeff Walker
(premed option only)
6762 233 Gilbert jeffrey.walker@oregonstate.edu
Paula Weiss 3702 Gilb 141 paula.weiss@oregonstate.edu
Lou Wojcinski 2173 Gilb 008 louis.wojcinski@oregonstate.edu