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Graduate Student FAQ

Graduate Student FAQ

The Corvallis rental housing market is competitive due to the large student population, so the sooner you start looking for a place to live the better. Please visit OSU's housing guide for advice.

If you are an incoming first-year graduate student in chemistry, you will sign up for classes during Orientation Week.

Most students finish the majority of their coursework during their first year.

The Department of Chemistry requires that enrolled graduate students maintain at least a 3.0 and get no lower than a B- in any course.

A Ph.D. usually takes from 4-6 years to earn. In some cases, a Ph.D. may be earned in less or more time.

Most graduate students present their oral preliminary around the end of their second year.

Yes. An M.S. degree can be defended simultaneous to the graduate student taking his or her preliminary oral exam.

For the first year of graduate school, the department recommends that students take 16 credits per term during the school year, and 9 credits during summer term.

Most needed forms can be found in the forms section of the Graduate School's website.

Professional correspondence can be sent from the Chemistry Office in Gilbert 153.

There are numerous awards and fellowships available through the chemistry department to graduate students including the

  • N.L. Tartar Summer Fellowships
  • Shirley Kuse Award for Outstanding Female Graduate Students
  • David Shoemaker Award for Outstanding Senior Graduate Students
  • Ingram Award for Outstanding 1st Year Graduate Student
  • Benedict Award for Outstanding 2nd Year Graduate Student.

In addition, a large number of awards are available at the university level from a variety of sources. Visit the OSU Graduate School website - Graduate Fellowships, Scholarships, and Financial Aid or Graduate Funding Fellowship Table [PDF] - for more details.

You're always welcome to come to the office and talk to Tara Stacy, the Department of Chemistry's Graduate Coordinator. If you have a serious issue that may require you to seek professional help, please contact Counseling and Psychological Services at OSU. Another place to go if you are experiencing stress or conflict is the Ombuds Office at OSU. The Ombuds are professionals who work with people to solve problems and mitigate conflicts.