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Graduate School Application Information

Application procedure for the M.S. or Ph.D. in Chemistry

Graduate School Application Information

Application procedure for the M.S. or Ph.D. in Chemistry

If you have questions at any point during your admissions process, please contact us at

Know what to expect

Our graduate program components include:

Ph.D. program

  • Required coursework
  • Divisional requirements for seminars
  • A preliminary oral examination
  • A thesis research project
  • Each student works with a faculty advisor in order to determine the program of courses that he or she will take after matriculation, and to undertake their research.

M.S. program

  • Required coursework
  • Divisional requirements for seminars
  • A thesis research project (thesis M.S.) or a project report (non-thesis M.S.*)
  • Each student works with a faculty advisor in order to determine the program of courses that they will take after matriculation and to undertake their research

Admission deadlines

We request that applications be turned in prior to our extended deadline of Jan 15, 2023, for full consideration.

GRE requirements

GRE (Graduate Record Examination) general exam scores are optional. If submitting GRE scores, OSU's code is 4586. No departmental code is required.

The Department of Chemistry recommends but does not require the submission of GRE scores.

Review our directory of faculty & contact potential mentors

Please refer to our faculty directory for the tenure-track and adjunct faculty in our department. You are encouraged to contact faculty directly to get more information about their current research and to inquire whether they are accepting new graduate students in their groups.

International students

International students have additional requirements:

  • GRE scores are recommended but not required for all applicants
  • Your TOEFL or IELTS scores unless you received a greater than a B average during two terms in an accredited institution in the U.S., U.K., New Zealand, Australia or Canada
  • Please note that the deadline to apply is Feb 15th and that we only bring new students in during fall term

Apply for graduate school at OSU

Please include the following with your application:

  • Your personal statement
    please include your area of interest and three potential mentor(s), career goals, relevant academic and research experiences, your strengths and potential challenges with strategies to overcome hurdles, and other points that are relevant for your application)
    Please only chose mentors that are research active faculty
  • Your CV
  • Your transcripts
  • The names and contact information of three references
  • Any awards, posters or publications that you have

Domestic fee waiver

The Department of Chemistry at Oregon State University is pleased to offer all domestic applicants an Application Fee Waiver for the 2024-2025 academic year. To start the process, please send an e-mail with the subject line "Domestic Chemistry application fee waiver" to

For International applicants interested in a Fee Waiver, please see below.

Apply for an International application fee waiver

Apply now for an application fee waiver (NO application fees)! If we believe that you are a good fit to our program, we will cover the application fee for you! Send in your transcript (unofficial is acceptable), CV, research statement, the top two potential research mentors in a given division area with rationale and commitment to OSU to with “Application Fee Waiver” in the e-mail subject line by Dec 31st, 2023.

The decision about an application fee waiver request will follow as soon as possible and by early January at the latest.

*Please note* that this does not guarantee admission, it is just a good gesture from the dept to encourage you to apply. Only a limited number of application fee waivers are available, so please be understanding if we cannot provide you with this kind of assistance. Whatever the outcome of the application fee waiver decision, we welcome your interest and encourage you to apply to our program.

See FAQ for how to apply for the waiver

Frequently asked questions

The department only rarely accepts new graduate students in winter or spring term.

Recruitment season is the period of time from late September to mid March when we accept and evaluate applications and make offers.

Send an email to, following the instructions below to apply for an application fee waiver.

  1. Put in your subject line “Request for application fee waiver”.
  2. Visit our research active faculty page and provide the following information in the body of the email:
    1. Two active research faculty who you are interested in working with
    2. Why those two people (be specific).
    3. The division of Chemistry you most align with.
  3. Attach one single PDF with a transcript (unofficial is fine), CV, and one-page personal statement that includes a rationale of why you want to attend OSU.

Someone will notify you of our decision as soon as possible. Please keep in mind only a small number of these waivers are available.

At the discretion of the student's faculty advisor, the Department of Chemistry and the Graduate School, graduate courses taken at another university may be substituted for graduate courses in the Graduate Program in Chemistry at Oregon State University.


The Graduate School will automatically contact your references.

We prefer to receive letters of recommendation via the Graduate School system.

Once an application is complete, it is reviewed by the Graduate Recruitment Committee (GRC), which is made up of research active faculty members from each division. After the GRC has made their selections, the department will make offers to the prospective graduate students.

Here are some instances in which you should contact the department:

  • If you have questions about completing or turning in your application
  • If you have questions about the Graduate Program in Chemistry
  • If you have questions about Graduate Program in Chemistry events

The minimum required TOEFL score is an 80, with no lower than 18 in all categories except speaking, in which we require a minimum score of 22. The minimum required IELTS score is 6.5.

These exams must be taken no more than two years before the potential start date of the applicant.

In rare circumstances, applicants with scores below the requested level have been admitted into the program.

You should have a few different research-active faculty members in mind as potential advisors at the time that you fill out your questionnaire, but you would not officially choose an advisor until your first or second term in the program, should you be accepted.


If you are familiar with the research of a faculty member and your interests fall in line with their own, then it may be a good idea to contact them.