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Business Option

Business Option

The business option in chemistry is designed for chemists who are interested in business pursuits. Examples could include opening a small business, working in marketing, supply chain, or analytics, or as preparation for entering the MBA program at OSU. This option is also a good stepping stone for law school or graduate studies in chemistry. The option includes six courses in accounting, law, finance, organizational systems.


The chemistry business option has been created for chemists interested in working in marketing and sales. Students earn a B.S. chemistry degree in 4 years and fulfill the course work for a minor in Business and Entrepreneurship. The option includes many courses required to enter the MBA program at OSU. This degree is also a good stepping stone for law school. This option includes six courses in accounting, finance, and organizational systems.

Chemistry Core (79 - 81 credits)

Business Option (27-28 credits)

Courses by year

This page serves as a general suggestion for students looking to complete their business option degree within four years. We always recommend working with your adviser to find the best academic plan for you.

General Chemistry (15): CH 231 (or 231H) & 271, 232 (or 232H) & 272, 233 (or 233H) & 273
Careers in Chemistry (1)b: CH 220
Elementary Functions (4)a: MTH 112a
Calculus (8): MTH 251, 252
Introduction to Microeconomics (4): ECON 201
Writing I (Bacc Core) (3): WR 121(or 121H)
Speech (Bacc Core) (3): COMM 111 (or 111H) or 114 (or 114H) or 211 or 218
Fitness (Bacc Core) (3): HHS 231 and PAC or HHS Lab
General Electives (4)

Organic Chemistry (9): CH 334, 335, 336
Experimental Chemistry I (6): CH 361, 362
Fundamentals of Accounting (4): BA 215
Introduction to Entrepreneurship (4): BA 260
Vector Calculus I (4): MTH 254
General Physics (15): PH 211 & 221, PH 212 & 222, PH 213 & 223
Writing II (Bacc Core) (3): Options

Qualitative Analysis (4) or Analytical Chemistry (9)e: CH 324 or CH 421, 422 and 461e
Physical Chemistry (9): CH 440, 441, 442
Experimental Chemistry II (3): CH 462 (WIC) or 463 (WIC) or 464 (WIC)
Introduction to Financial Management (4): BA 360
Statistics (4): ST 314 or 351
Managing Organizations (4): BA 351
Perspective or DPD (Bacc Core) (9): Options
Synthesis (Bacc Core) (3): Options
General Electives (5)

Inorganic Chemistry (3-6): CH 411 (If taking CH 421, 422 & 461) or CH 411, 412 (otherwise)
Marketing (4): BA 390
Perspective (6): Options
Synthesis (3): Options
Business Electives (4)
General Electives (22)

Sample course timetable


  • CH 231 & 271
  • MTH 112a
  • ECON 201
  • CH 220b


  • CH 232 & 272
  • MTH 251


  • CH 233 & 273
  • MTH 252


  • CH 334
  • CH 361
  • BA 215
  • PH 211 & 221 (or PH 201)


  • CH 335
  • CH 362
  • PH 212 & 222 (or PH 202)
  • MTH 254


  • CH 336
  • CH 324c
  • PH 213 & 223 or PH 203
  • BA 260


  • CH 440
  • BA 360


  • CH 441
  • ST 314 or 351


  • CH 442
  • CH 463 (WIC)


  • CH 411
  • BA 390


  • CH 412
  • Business Electived



a MTH 112 should be taken to prepare for MTH 251 if the score on ALEKS Math Placement assessment is between 60-74. MTH 112 is not a required course for the chemistry degree.

bChemistry majors are strongly encouraged to take the chemistry major's orientation course, CH 220, Careers in Chemistry, Fall term. This is a 1 credit course and graded P/N.

c The analytical chemistry combination of CH 421 (fall), CH 422 (winter), and CH 461 (fall) is recommended for the strongest background in analytical chemistry and should be taken the third year. With this option, only one term of inorganic chemistry, CH 411, is required so that this option adds only 2 credit hours to the total.

d Be sure that the proper prerequisite courses have been taken for the advanced B.A. courses

The order of courses is suggested. For the track-two core courses (CH, MTH, PH), the order is fairly critical because of prerequisites and the fact that most CH courses are taught only one term per year. The options courses can be taken at different times than indicated, but one must be concerned with the prerequisites and the fact that many of these courses are taught only one term per year. Many of the B.A. courses are also offered through OSU Ecampus.

ECON 201 is a required course for the business option and can be used as the Bacc Core course in the Perspectives category of social processes and institutions.

Baccalaureate Core courses are not shown on the chart above.

Additional information

Also see policies

  1. If students choose the analytical chemistry sequence CH 421, 422, 461, only one inorganic course (3 cr), CH 411, is required. CH 411 and CH 412 are a sequence so that CH 411 is the specified inorganic chemistry course.
  2. CH 463 is the recommended WIC course. If CH 462 is taken as the WIC course or an extra lab, CH 422 is strongly recommended as a co-requisite with CH 462.
  3. Students pursuing the business option must officially declare the business option before they will be allowed to enroll in business courses. Once the option is declared, students can enroll in the business courses that are specified in the chemistry business option.
  4. ECON 201 is a prerequisite for many business courses and should be taken as the BAC core course in the category of social processes and institutions. Prerequisites for all specific business courses are summarized the table below.
  5. Students earn a B.S. degree in Chemistry in four years and can also fulfill coursework required as part of a minor in the College of Business. There are some additional requirements, however. You are advised to meet with an adviser in the College of Business and see their Web page.
  6. BA 357 requires a special override from an adviser in the COB because chemistry majors substitute ST 351 or ST 314 for BA 276.
  7. Business Elective Courses Required Electives (4 credits). Select one course from among the three following suggested sets of courses:

Suggested for emphasis in small business

  • BA 362. Social Entrepreneurship and Social Initiatives (4)
  • BA 363. Innovation Management (4)
  • BA 460. Venture Management (4)

Suggested for emphasis in sales and marketing

  • MRKT. Professional Sales (4)

Suggested for MBA preparation

  • BA 357. Operations and Supply Chain Management (4)

Be sure that the proper prerequisite courses have been taken for these advanced courses (see table below).

MBA Program at OSU

Students who complete the chemistry business option and some additional courses may apply upon graduation to the College of Business to be accepted into a 45-credit hour, three-term MBA program. See the OSU Catalog for more information.

All students serious about pursuing an MBA should make an appointment with a College of Business MBA advisor.