The Department's faculty members have a proven track record of leadership at all levels of the University as well as externally (e.g. administrative leadership, editors for journals, service on federal funding panels, engagement with professional societies, active Local ACS section). The Department maintains state-wide / regional recognition for K-12 engagement (e.g., Discovery Days, Chemistry Week). Additionally, CSMC-related engaged outreach activities further expand the reach and impact of the Department.



As a land grant institution, the University is committed to outreach and engagement.  Given our proven track record, we will foster service to the profession and community outreach through our goals:

Service to the Profession & Outreach to the Community Goals


Support for faculty in leadership roles at all levels of the University as well as externally.


Increase faculty engagement in K-12 outreach activities.


Expand outreach via course and materials development in association with e-campus, Professional & Continuing Education (PACE), Alumni Center, and OSU Open Access efforts.

OutreachDiscovering the Scientist WithinOutreach

Departmental Commitments

  • Host at least three conferences over the next 10 years at Oregon State University [e.g. Northwest Regional American Chemical Society Meeting (NORM) 2018, Biennial Conference on Chemical Education (BCCE) 2020] (Supports Goals E1-E3).
  • Faculty will support and nominate faculty for journal editors, presenting at national and international conferences, conducting outreach activities (Supports Goals E1-E3).
  • Identify interested faculty to design and implement peer education workshops. Based on the nature and success of the workshop, these activities could serve as part or all of a summer teaching assignment (Supports Goals E2-E3).

Potential Investments

  • Institutional Investments: We welcome continued conversations with the College and University on how to identify creative solutions for increased flexibility in teaching assignments to enable expanded outreach and service (Supports E1-E3).
  • Foundation Partnerships: The Department is committed to helping the University attract private funding through working closely with the OSU Foundation.  Donors at all levels will have an opportunity to advance the societial benefit of the Department. We look forward to engaging these donors. We see exciting opportunities to work with the Foundation and donors at all levels to advance the societial benefit of the Department by providing seed funding for new outreach activities (Supports Goals E1-E3).