Year Fall Winter Spring
1 CH 231 & 271
MTH 112 a
BI 221 b
CH 220 C
CH 232 & 272
MTH 251
BI 222

CH 233 & 273
MTH 252
BI 223

2 CH 334
CH 361
MTH 254
PH 211 & 221 (or PH 201)
CH 335
CH 362
PH 212 & 222 (or PH 202)
CH 336
PH 213 & 223 or PH 203
BB 314
3 CH 440
CH 324d
BB 490 e
CH 441
BI 311
BB 491 e
CH 442
BB 492 e
4 CH 411
BB 493
CH 412
BB 494 
CH 463 (WIC)

a MTH 112 can be taken to prepare for MTH 251 if the score on ALEKS Math Placement test is 59% or less. MTH 112 is not a required course for the chemistry degree.

b As of Fall 2020, BI 22X replaces BI 21X .  A minimum of C- in BI 22X is an enforced prereq for BI 311, BB 314 and BB 49X.  BI 22X must be taken in order.  If you completed the previous BI 21X series before Fall 2020, this series still meets the requirements here.

c Chemistry Majors are strongly encouraged to take the chemistry major's orientation course, "Careers in Chemistry", Fall term. This is a 1 credit course and graded P/N.

d See additional information for alternative analytical chemistry courses.

e Starting Fall 2015, it is strongly encouraged that the BB lectures be taken before taking the BB labs.

The order of courses is suggested. For the track-two core courses (CH, MTH, PH), the order is very fairly critical because of prerequisites and the fact that most CH courses are taught only one term per year. The option courses (BI, BB) can be taken at different times than indicated, but one must be concerned with the prerequisites for BB courses and upper division BI courses and the fact that some BB and upper division BI courses are taught only one term per year.

Baccalaureate Core courses are not shown on the chart above.

Baccalaureate Core Requirements

Additional Information about the Biochemistry option