Year Fall Winter Spring
1 CH 231 & 271
MTH 112 a
(BI 221) b
CH 220 C
CH 232 & 272
MTH 251
(BI 222 b)

CH 233 & 273
MTH 252
(BI 223 b)

2 CH 334
CH 361
MTH 254
PH 211 & 221
CH 335
CH 362
MTH 253 or MTH 264 & 265
PH 212 & 222
CH 336
PH 213 & 223
(BI 314 d)
3 CH 440
CH 421
CH 461
BB 490
CH 441
CH 422
BB 491
CH 442
CH 463 e
BB 492
4 CH 411
BB 493
BB 345 f
BB 494

a MTH 112 is a prerequisite for MTH 251, a required course for all chemistry majors. MTH 112 is not a required course for the chemistry degree.

b While BI 22X Principles of Biology are not requirements for the Advanced Biochemistry option in Chemistry, they are enforced prerequisites for BI 314 and BB 49X (starting Fall 2020).  A minimum C- is required.

c Chemistry Majors are strongly encouraged to take the chemistry major's orientation course, "Careers in Chemistry", Fall term. This is a 1 credit course and graded P/N.

d BI 314 is recommended as an elective to be taken before BB lecture series and it applies as a Career Support Elective (CSE)

e CH 462 (Winter) or CH 464 (Fall) my be substituted as long as once additional WIC course is taken (CH 462 or CH 463 or CH 464).

f As of Fall 2015 BB 493 is only offered Fall term and BB 494 is only offered Winter term.  As of Fall 2019, BB 496 and BB 497 are now combined into one course offered fall term, BB 345 (2 cr) 

Career Supportive Elective courses (CSE) are decided in your Junior year. You will consult with your chemistry adviser for the courses that best meet your track choice. You are required to take at least 6 CSE credits for graduation. They can be taken any term as scheduled.

While the order of the courses above is suggested, many of the prerequisites, chemistry and biochemistry courses are only taught one term per year. Because of this, it is critical that you consider this when planning out your academic schedule.

Baccalaureate Core courses are not shown on the chart above.

Baccalaureate Core Requirements

Additional Information about the Advanced Chemistry option