Year Fall Winter Spring
1 CH 231 & 271
MTH 112 a
CH 220 b
CH 232 & 272
MTH 251
CH 233 & 273
MTH 252
2 CH 334
CH 361
PH 211 & 221 (or PH 201)
CH 335
CH 362
PH 212 & 222 (or PH 202)
MTH 254
CH 336
CH 324 c
PH 213 & 223 or PH 203
3 CH 440
Liberal Arts Courses
Language Level One
CH 441
Liberal Arts Courses
Language Level One
CH 442
CH 463 (WIC)
Liberal Arts Courses
Language Level One
4 CH 411
Language Level Two
CH 412
Language Level Two
Language Level Two

a MTH 112 can be taken to prepare for MTH 251 if the score on ALEKS Math Placement test is 59% or less. MTH 112 is not a required course for the chemistry degree.

Chemistry Majors are strongly encouraged to take the chemistry major's orientation course, "Careers in Chemistry", Fall term. This is a 1 credit course and graded P/N.

The analytical chemistry of combination of CH 421 (Fall), CH 422 (Winter), and CH 461 (Fall) is recommended for the strongest background in analytical chemistry and should be taken the third year. With this option, only one inorganic chemistry course is required (either CH 411 or CH 412) so that this option adds only 2 credit hours to the total.

The order of courses is suggested. For many courses (CH, MTH, PH), the order is very fairly critical because of prerequisites and the fact that most CH courses are taught only one term per year.  

Bacc core courses, and specific required language courses (through second year), career supportive elective courses (9 cr), or additional liberal arts elective courses (9 cr) are  not shown.  Discuss these with your chemistry advisor in advance of registration.

Baccalaureate Core Requirements

Additional Information about the B.A. option