Distinguished Professor
Milton-Harris Professor of Materials Science
Gilbert 203

B.S. University of Madras, India (1975)
M.S. University of Madras, India (1977)
Ph.D. Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India (1981)
Post-Doctoral Fellow, Texas A&M University (1982-84)

Milton Harris Professor of Materials Science, Oregon State Univ. (2006 - )
Adjunct Professor, University of Oregon (2007 - )
Signature Faculty Fellow, ONAMI (2006 - )
DuPont Research Fellow, DuPont CR&D (2003 - 2006)
Senior Research Scientist, DuPont CR&D (1996 - 2003)
Scientist, DuPont CR&D (1985 - 1995)

FA Gilfillan Memorial Award for Distinguished Scholarship in Science, OSU Recipient of Chemical Research Society of India (CRSI) Medal (2012)
Inducted into the Gordon Research Conference (GRC) Hall of Fame (2011)
Chair of Excellence, CRISMAT, France (2006-2009)
Ralf Busch Materials Science Seminar Award, OSU (2007)
DuPont Charles Pedersen Medal Award for Excellence in Scientific Research (2004)


Research Group Website: http://subramanian.science.oregonstate.edu/

Research Interests


Representative Publications

  • Li, J., Smith, A.E., Jiang, P., Stalick, J.K., Sleight, A.W., Subramanian, M.A. True composition and structure of hexagonal "YAlO3", actually Y3Al3O8CO3. Inorganic Chemistry, (2015) 54, 837-844.
  • Grajczyk, R., Subramanian, M. A. Structure-property relationships of YbFe2O4 -and Yb2Fe3O7 -type layered oxides: A bird's eye view. Progress in Solid State Chemistry, (2015) 43, 37-46.
  • Heo, J., Ravichandran, R., Laurita, G., Muir, S., Subramanian, M.A., Wager, J.F., Keszler, D.A. New multi-functional chalcogenides as photovoltaic and thermoelectric materials. American Chemical Society, Division of Energy & Fuels, (2014) 59, 579-580.
  • Matar, S., Subramanian, M.A., Etourneau, J. Pressure induced metallization of fordite SnNb2O6 from first principles. Computational Materials Science, (2014) 26, 2047-2051.
  • Heo, J., Laurita, G., Muir, S., Subramanian, M.A., Keszler, D. A. Enhanced thermoelectric performance of synthetic tetrahedrites. Chemistry of Materials, (2014) 26, 2047-2051.
  • Laurita, G., Vielma, J., Berthelot, R., Winter, F., Pöttgen, R., Schneider, G., Subramanian, M. A. From Ag2Sb2O6 to Cd2Sb2O7: investigations on an anion-deficient to ideal pyrochlore solid solution. Journal of Solid State Chemistry, (2014) 210, 65–73.
  • Schmidt, W., Berthelot, R., Etienne, Laetitia., Wattiaux, A., Subramanian, M.A. Synthesis and characterization of O3-Na3LiFeSbO6: A new honeycomb ordered layered oxide. Materials Research Bulletin, (2014) 50, 292-296.
  • Laurita, G., Page, K., Sleight, A. W., Subramanian, M. A. Structural investigation of the substituted pyrochlore AgSbO3 through total scattering techniques. Inorganic Chemistry, (2013) 52, 11530-11537.
  • Grajczyk, R., Chan, A., Ramirez, A. P., Subramanian, M. A. Structural and magnetic investigation of In2Fe2-xGaxCuO7. Journal of Solid State Chemistry, (2013) 204, 213-218.
  • Jiang, P., Li, J., Ozarowski, A., Sleight, A. W., Subramanian, M. A. Intense Turquoise and green colors in Brownmillerite-type oxides based on Mn5+ in Ba2In2-xMnxO5+x. Inorganic Chemistry, (2013) 52, 1349-1357.