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Walt Loveland: Receives grant from SSAA

Walt Loveland: Receives grant from SSAA

The Stewardship Science Academic Alliances (SSAA) program is a grant program under the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) that aims to safely and effectively manage the United States’ nuclear weapons stockpile and fund research relating to the nuclear sciences. These funding opportunities help maintain national security and contribute to long-term nonproliferation goals.

Dr. Walter Loveland, Emeritus professor in the Department of Chemistry at Oregon State University, is the recent awardee of a 3 year SSAA contract for $441,000. Dr. Loveland is well known in the field of nuclear chemistry, and much of his research focuses on fusion reactions used to synthesize superheavy elements and the neutron induced fission processes of radioactive elements.

This SSAA contract will help provide actinide samples to measure the total kinetic energy release in the fast neutron induced fission of several selected nuclei, such as Americium-241, Americium-243, and Curium-248. The total kinetic energy release is an important metric as it constitutes most of the energy produced during fission, and so this work will give us insight into the energetics and interactions inside certain fission reactions.

The department is indebted to Dr. Loveland’s sustained contribution over the years, and congratulates him for his continued success in research and service. Walt, you make us proud!