Education:John Westall
B.S., University of North Carolina, (1971)
Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1977)

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Research Interests

Dr. Westall's research is focused on the application of surface and solution chemistry to problems in environmental chemistry, electrochemistry, and analytical chemistry. Current research topics include: (i) interactions of metal ions with heterogeneous environmental complexants, such as humic substances and surfaces of soil particles, and development of models for these complex interactions; (ii) electrochemical processes in the environment, including corrosion and redox transformations of inorganic and organic pollutants; (iii) the processes that control the distribution of hydrophobic, ionogenic, and ionic organic compounds between water and environmental sorbents; (iv) electric double layer phenomena associated with environmental surfaces; (v) mathematical methods for the determination of equilibrium constants from experimental data; (vi) the application of multicomponent chemical equilibrium models to biogeochemical problems. Dr. Westall retired in 2008.  He is still working on collaborative research projects but is no longer accepting new graduate students.

Representative Publications