Internship Opportunities and Contacts for undergraduate chemistry majors at Oregon State University

There are many students that choose to work part time in science while pursuing an undergraduate degree in chemistry.  This work experience, or internship, gives students a first hand opportunity to learn what working chemists do in industry.  Usually these positions are paid, but some are voluntary just to get the experience.  Chemistry majors can take 3-6 credits of CH 410 for credit (see for further details.)  Arrangements for internships are made directly by the student who contacts the company representative.  If the internship will be taken for credit, the student is required to file a work agreement form which is acknowleged by both the student's academic advisor and the work supervisor (see  for further details.)  It is strongly suggested that the student discuss starting any internship with their academic advisor.  Student's have the best chance of getting an internship if they have completed at least through the second term of Integrated Lab (CH 362/362H.) The following companies have local sites and have offered chemistry majors internships in the recent past:

Company Name Type of work Number of Students

AVI-Biopharma, Inc.
4575 SW Research Way
Corvallis, OR  97333
Biotechnology 10

2300 NW Walnut Blvd
Corvallis, OR  97330
Environmental 8

Synthetech, Inc.
1290 Industrial Way SW
Albany, OR



Biotechnology 3
Teledyne Wah Chang
1600 Old Salem Rd NE
Albany Oregon, 97321
(no phone calls)

The internships at Wah Chang are administered through the Career Work Experience program at LBCC and OSU students are required to register for 1 credit of CWE at LB (not a problem).