Directions for enrolling in course credit for CH 410, External Internship in Chemistry.

Last revised: 03/20/2006

  1. Complete the Chemistry Learning Agreement form on-line, save  a copy of the electronic submission form, and press the Submit button at the bottom of the Agreement form to send it to Dr. Pastorek for review.  After receiving feedback from Dr. P. by email, consult with your Intern Supervisor and make sure their expectations meet your expectations.
  2. Make suggested corrections if any to the Agreement form, print a copy of the final web version of the Agreement and re-submit the final version on-line.  Gather signatures on the final print copy.
  3. Obtain the signature of your Intern Supervisor on the final version of the Agreement.
  4. Take both the signed copy of the Agreement along with a completed Chemistry Blanket Course Request form to your Academic Advisor for their approval and signature.  See the link below to download a copy of the Blanket Course Request form. 
  5. Return the signed Chemistry Blanket Course Request form to the main office.  After approval from the head Chemistry Advisor or the department Chair, the main office will assist you to enroll in CH 410 Sec 021, External Internship.
  6. After you have officially enrolled, make two photocopies of the signed Agreement form.
  7. Provide one copy of the signed Agreement form to your Intern Supervisor, retain a copy for your records and give the signed original to your Academic Advisor who will keep it in your academic folder.

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