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University Baccalaureate Core Requirements (37 - 38 cr) 1,2,3 for Chemistry Majors

A modified version of the University Baccalaureate Core requirements is shown below. The University physical science and mathematics requirements are not included because all chemistry majors take an abundance of these types of courses and automatically meet these requirements.

Skills (12 cr)
Writing I, II, Speech5

WR 327 recommended 5

9 cr
  Lifetime Health & Fitness (HHS 231) 6    2 cr
Fitness Lab (PAC)   1 cr
Perspectives (12 cr)    
  Western Culture (WC)   3 cr
  Culture Diversity (CD)   3 cr
  Literature and Arts (LA)   3 cr
  Social Processes and Institutions (SI)

Econ 201 is required for the business option; PSY 202 is recommended for the chemical education option

3 cr
Difference, Power, and Discrimination (DPD)   3 cr
Synthesis (6 cr)    
  Contemporary Global Issues   3 cr
  Science, Technology, and Society PHL 444 recommended for PreMed option 4 cr
Biological Science (1 term with lab) 7 see below 4 or 5 cr
Foreign Language Admission Requirement 4 Two years of foreign language in high school  

1 All these courses must be chosen from the approved list.
Transfers from Oregon Community Colleges with an AAOT degree have fulfilled all lower division Bacc Core requirements (not Synthesis catagory).
180 credits of total course work with 60 credits in upper division courses.

  Requirement can also be met by taking two terms of a college-level language (C- or higher) or an approved proficiency test.
For chemistry majors, WR 327 is recommended as WR II.  Before Fall 2011, requirement was a second WR II or Speech.
Before 2004, the requirement was HHP 231
For some options specific biology courses from the approved list must be taken.  Overall BI 212 or BI 213 is the recommended biology course and provides the most flexibility if a student changes options.  Required or recommended biology courses are listed in the table below. 

Option or Degree Required (or Recommended) Biology Course a
Advanced Biochemistry
BI 212
Advanced Chemistry
BI 212 or BI 213 (one of these two is recommended)
BI 212, BI 213
BI 212 or BI 213 (one of these two is recommended)
Chemistry Education
BI 211- BI 213 (if biology is the secondary endorsement area; otherwise take BI 212 or 213 for Bacc Core.)
Chemical Engineering
BI 212 or BI 213 (one of these two is recommended)
Environmental Chemistry
BI 211 - 213
Forensic Science
BI 211 - 213
Materials Science
BI 212 or BI 213 (one of these two is recommended)
BI 211 - 213
B.A. Degree
BI 212 or BI 213 (one of these two is recommended)

a  Recommended biology courses are strongly suggested because they provide the strongest background for advanced biology and biochemistry courses.  However, students may use any biological science courses that is on the approved list for the University Baccalaureate Core.  For options where specific biology courses are listed required, the student is expected to take all required biology courses.

College of Science Requirements

The College of Science Requirements include Computer science competency which it met by the computer content in CH 361. 362, and one 400-level CH lab course (this requirement was removed in 2006). All other requirements of the college are also met by being a chemistry major.


last updated 07/25/2012