Neal SleszynskiDr. Sleszynski has been with the OSU Chemistry Department since Winter 2009. His primary teaching responsibility is Quantitative Analysis, Chemistry 324. In the past he has taught courses in organic chemistry, instrumental analysis, freshman chemistry, senior seminar, and food and nutrition.

B. S. Chemistry, Clarkson University 1978;
M.S. Organic Chemistry, Clarkson University 1979;
Ph.D. University of Buffalo, 1988

Research Interests: Bioanalytical chemistry and instrumentation development

My research projects include:

  • The development of non-invasive biofilm sensors for the detections of bacteria attached to surfaces
  • Electrochemical sensors for the detection and quantitation of antioxidant compounds
  • Multi-wavelength fluorescent detection
  • Vascular components to peripheral neuropathies
  • Dietary contributions to hypertension
  • Non-traditional distance learning in analytical chemistry