Suggested Upper Division Courses for the Chemistry Minor

The following list of suggested courses are probably the most suitable courses to use for the minor, but you may elect to take other upper division courses: The courses in bold are the courses normally used for the chemistry minor.

CH 331, 332
Organic chemistry. This  8-cr sequence designed, primarily for majors in biological sciences, starts fall,  winter, and summer terms.

CH 337
Organic chemistry laboratory. This 3-cr lab course follows CH 332 above and serves as an upper division lab (organic). This course is taught fall, spring, and summer terms.

CH 324
Quantitative analysis (chemistry). This 4-cr course is provided primarily for majors in biological sciences, pre-professional health programs, and food science and technology, is normally taught fall and spring terms and will also be taught Winter 2001. CH 324 counts as an upper division lab in analytical chemistry. The prerequisite is one year of  general chemistry, although organic chemistry is highly recommended.

CH 334, 335, 336
Organic chemistry. This  9-cr sequence is designed for chemistry and biochemistry majors has a prerequisite of one year of general chemistry and starts in Fall term. Credit is not granted for both the CH 331 and CH 334 sequences.

CH 390
Environmental Chemistry.  A 3-cr course which serves as an elementary survey of the basic chemistry involved in sources, reactions, transport, effect, and fate of chemical species in the air, water, soil, and living environments. Also available as an Ecampus class (check schedule of classes). A prerequisite of 1 year of general college chemistry. Counts as an upper division analytical chemistry course.

CH 419
Radioactive Tracer Methods. A 4-cr lab course with a prerequisite of 2 years of college chemistry.  Normally taught Fall term but not every year. Counts as an upper division lab course (nuclear).

CH 424
Bioanalytical chemistry.  A 3-cr course about analytical methods employed in the study of biologically important  molecules. A prerequisite of one year of organic chemistry and one term of organic  chemistry laboratory. Not taught every year (not 2000-01).  Limited enrollment. Counts as an upper division analytical chemistry course. Although some laboratory experience is involved, this course does not count as a lab course.  This course is taught intermittently and has not been taught for several years.

CH 435
Structure Determination by Spectrometric Methods. A 3-cr lecture course with a prerequisite of one year of organic chemistry. Counts as an upper division organic chemistry course.

CH 440
Physical chemistry. First term of the physical chemistry sequence with an emphasis on thermodynamics. The prerequisites of one year of college physics and MTH 254 are critical. Only taught fall term.

CH 411, 412
Inorganic chemistry.  These 3- or 4-cr courses can be taken after two years of college chemistry and are recommended for students with a strong quantitative background.  CH 412 has CH 411 as a prerequisite.  Only taught Fall term (CH 411) and Winter term (CH 412).  Ecampus versions taught other terms. Count as upper division inorganic chemistry courses.

CH 490
Computer Programming for Scientists. A 3-cr course with a prerequisite of 2 years of college chemistry. Currently taught only as a WEB course every term (check the schedule of classes). Counts as an upper division physical chemistry course.

Upper division courses from other schools

Often upper division courses form other schools can be used to fulfill the course requirements for the chemistry minor.  They will work if they articulate to OSU as one of the courses above or are determined by the chemistry department to be equivalent to one of the above courses.

Equivalent chemistry courses must be clearly identified with one of the primary areas of organic chemistry, physical chemistry, nuclear chemistry, inorganic chemistry, or analytical chemistry (including environmental chemistry) and have one year of general chemistry as a prerequisite. Seminars, research, and special topics courses are not acceptable.