Density Warp Pikachu

Chemistry Fun for All
National Chemistry Week is brought to you by:

Iota Sigma PI (ISP)
Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society (SAACS)
and the Department of Chemistry at Oregon State University

The Setup Team is up first:  Becky, Candis, DJ, Scott, Jackie, Jorg, Karen, Martha, Jason, Margie and Chris
Setup TeamSetup TeamSetup TeamSetup Team
Then the participants appear!  (Hey... that kid in the back looks like Professor Lerner?!?!?)  M&M Chromatography, Chemistry in a Bag, SLIME, Secret Writing and... Jackie leads the group to discover the fun properties of CO2(s) and green bubbles, NOT!!
 Participants Participants Participants Participants
 Participants Participants Participants Participants
Chemistry Demonstrations ala Margie, Martha, Jorg and Chris
N2(1), oscillating clock, OSU Beaver clock, Luminol, Genie in a Bottle, Dry Ice fountain
 Demonstrations Demonstrations Demonstrations Demonstrations
Chemistry in a Bag: Place 2 parts CaC12, 1 part NaHCO3 in a sealable plastic bag, then slide in a cup holding 10 mL of 0.1% Phenol Red indicator; Seal the bag; Mix!!  Make your observations (Color??  Heat?? Gasses evolving??)  Use deductive reasoning by doing new experriments to figure out what chemical does what.
 Chem in a bag Chem in a bag Chem in a bag Chem in a bag
 Chem in a bag Chem in a bag Chem in a bag Chem in a bag