Full Professor
RC B123

Education:Walt Loveland
SB, MIT (1961) 
PhD, University of Washington (1966) 
Postdoctoral Fellow, Argonne National Laboratory (1966-68)

2018 Elected a Fellow of the American Chemical Society
2016 Elected a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
2014 Glenn T Seaborg Award of the American Chemical Society
ASE Mentor Hall of Fame
Sigma Xi Award for Research;
F.A. Gilfillan Award for Research
Beaver Champion Award
Outstanding Referee Award - American Physical Society

Research group web site:

Affiliations: Radiation Center

Research Interests

The long-term goals of our nuclear chemistry research group are to search for new phenomena at the limits of nuclear stability, to study the dynamics and thermodynamics of colliding nuclei and to apply nuclear techniques to the study of environmental and/or biomedical problems. In support of these goals, we are pursuing, or have recently pursued, the following research: the study of fusion enhancement with neutron-rich radioactive projectiles (in reactions that are relevant for the synthesis of new heavy nuclei), the study of fusion enhancement with halo nuclei, and the study of "hot fusion" path to the heaviest nuclei and why it works.

Representative Publications

“Gamma-ray Spectroscopy of 209Tl”, B.M.S. Amro, C.J. Lister, E.A. McCutchan, W. Loveland, P. Chowdhury, S. Zhu, A.D. Ayangeakaa, J.S. Barrett, M.P. Carpenter, C.J. Chiara, J.P. Greene, J.L. Harker, R.V.F. Janssens, T. Lauritsen, A.A. Sonzogni, W.B.Walters and R. Yanez, Phys. Rev. C 95, 014330 (2017).

Modern Nuclear Chemistry, W. Loveland, D. J. Morrissey and G.T. Seaborg, 2nd Edition, (Wiley, New York, 2017) 754 pages

“Modeling Multi-Nucleon Transfer in Symmetric Collisions of Massive Nuclei”, T. Welsh, W. Loveland, R. Yanez, J.S. Barrett, E. A. McCutchan, A. A. Sonzogni, T. Johnson, S. Zhu, J. P. Greene, A.D. Ayangekaa, M.P. Carpenter, T. Lauritsen, J.L. Harker, W. B. Walters, B.A. Amro, and P. Copp, Phys. Lett. B 771, 119 (2017).

“Survival mediated heavy element capture cross sections”, W. Loveland and L. Yao, EPJ Web of Conferences 163, 00033 (2017).

“Total kinetic energy release in the fast neutron induced fission of 232Th and 235U”, W. Loveland and J. King, Fission and Properties of Neutron-Rich Nuclei, J. Hamilton, A.V. Ramayya, and P. Talou, eds. (World, Singapore, 2017) 361.

“The total kinetic energy release in the fast neutron-induced fission of 232Th”, J. King, W. Loveland, J.S. Barrett, B. Oscar, N. Fotiadis, F. Tovesson and H.Y. Lee, Eur. Phys. J. A 53, 238 (2017).

“Performance of a MICROMEGAS-based TPC in a high-flux high-energy neutron beam”, L.Snyder,  B. Manning, N.S. Bowden, J. Bundgaard, R, Casperson, D.A. Cebra, T. Classen, J. Gearhart, U. Greife, C. Hagemann, M. Hefner, D. Hensle, D. Higgins, D. Isenhower, J. King, J.L. Klay, W. Loveland, J.A. Magee, M.P. Mendenhall, S. Sangiorgio, B. Seilhan, F. Tovesson, R.S. Towell, S. Watson, L. Yao, and W. Younes, Nuclear Instruments and Methods A 881,1 (2018).

“The total kinetic energy release in the fast neutron induced fission of 235U”, R. Yanez, J. King, J. S. Barrett. W. Loveland, N. Fotiades and H.Y. Lee, Nucl. Phys. A 970, 65 (2018).

Survival mediated capture and fusion cross sections for heavy element synthesis” L. Yao and W. Loveland, Phys. Rev. C 97, 014608 (2018)

“Capture cross sections for the synthesis of new heavy nuclei using radioactive beams”, A. Wakhle, K. Hammerton, Z. Kohley, D.J. Morrissey, K. Stiefel, J. Yurkon, J. Walshe, K. J. Cook, M. Dasgupta, D.J. Hinde, D.J. Jeung, E.Prasad,† D.C. Rafferty, C. Simenel, E.C. Simpson, K. Vo-Phuoc, J. King, W. Loveland, and R. Yanez, Phys. Rev. C 97, 021602(R) (2018)

“Measurement of the normalized 238U(n,f)/235U(n,f) cross-section ratio from threshold to 30 MeV with the fission Time Projection Chamber”, R. J. Casperson, D. M. Asner, J. Baker, R. G. Baker, J. S.Barrett, N. S. Bowden, C. Brune, J. Bundgaard, E. Burgett, D. A. Cebra, T. Classen, M. Cunningham, J. Deaven, D. L. Duke, I. Ferguson, J. Gearhart, V. Geppert-Kleinrath, U. Greife, S. Grimes, E.Guardincerri, U. Hager, C. Hagmann, M. Heffner, D. Hensle, N. Hertel, D. Higgins, T. Hill, D. Isenhower, J. King, J. L. Klay, N. Kornilov, R. Kudo, A. B. Laptev, W. Loveland, M. Lynch, S. Lynn, J. A. Magee, B. Manning, T. N. Massey, C. McGrath, R. Meharchand, M. P. Mendenhall, L. Montoya, N. Pickle, H. Qu, J. Ruz, S. Sangiorgio, K. T. Schmitt, B. Seilhan, S. Sharma, L. Snyder, S. Stave, A. Tate, G. Tatishvili, R.T. Thornton, F. Tovesson, D. Towell, R. S. Towell, N. Walsh, S. Watson, B. Wendt, L. Wood, L. Yao, and W. Younes, Physical Review C 97, 034618 (2018)