During each Summer term, the 200-level online General Chemistry series is condensed, so that students may complete a full year of General Chemistry with labs. Each lecture class is 3-weeks long. Compressed labs are not being offered this Summer (2021) for E-Campus courses. We are offering remote lab courses running concurrently with our remote lecture courses.

Because of this unique time frame, the CH 261/262/263 classes when offered do not fit well into the OSU Summer “sessions” which govern registration and withdrawal dates, as well as refund amounts and benefits to veterans. This may impact students in several ways:

  • Session dates may not match course dates: All summer courses must be assigned to a session (1 – 6), however, in this case, the session dates automatically listed in the OSU Schedule of Classes (catalog.oregonstate.edu) may not match the actual course dates.
  • Registration (add/drop) dates: These align with the session in which a course is attached. Therefore, students must follow the registration deadlines dates associated with the session in which the course is assigned and/or seek additional assistance.
  • Refund schedules: These are automatically aligned with the session in which the course is assigned. Therefore, if course date ranges do not match session date ranges, students may need additional assistance* to ensure proper refund amounts based on their actual drop date.
  • Veteran Benefits are usually allocated based on the session in which the course is assigned. This can be problematic when the session date range is shorter than the actual course date range. Therefore, students utilizing veteran’s benefits are encouraged to talk with the OSU Office of Student Life to determine benefits for their specific case.
Course Class Date
Class Length Last Date to Register
w/ No Late Fee
Last Day to Register
with Late Fee
Session Session Dates
CH 231 06/21-07/16 3-wks 06/21 06/24 2 06/21-07/16
CH 232 07/19-08/13 3-wks 07/19 07/22 4 07/19-08/13
CH 233 08/16-09/03 3-wks 08/16 08/18 5 08/16-09/03
CH 261 09/09-09/11 1
09/12-09/14 2 
3-days 09/08 N/A - 09/09-09/22*
CH 262 09/11-09/13 1
09/15-09/17 2
3-days 09/08 N/A - 09/09-09/22*
CH 263 09/15-09/17 1
09/18-09/20 2
3-days 09/08 N/A - 09/09-09/22*

* Since not all course date range does not align well with the session date range, students may need departmental assistance to work with the Registrar’s Office to manage their registration (add/drop) and/or the Student Accounts Office for appropriate refunds. Therefore, it is recommended that you first try to utilize MyOSU to manage your registration, then contact chemistry.ecampus@oregonstate.edu if additional assistance is needed.

1 Lab online sections. These may overlap with the on-campus sections of later parts of the sequence. Online coursework is available during this period and must be completed by the end of the period.

2 Lab mandatory on-campus sections. On campus sections will require students to be in the labs during these days and times. You can find more information about the specific requirements in the Schedule of Classes for the Fall Term Extension. Details are listed in the Class Notes for each course. The Schedule of Classes is available here: https://classes.oregonstate.edu/

Summer Registration Dates & Deadlines chart (https://summer.oregonstate.edu/deadlines)

Summer Reduction & Refund Schedule (http://summer.oregonstate.edu/tuition/schedule.htm)

For detailed information regarding Summer Term housing see: Summer Housing on the UHDS website.

Please make add/drop decisions as early as possible to avoid penalties and/or additional steps as noted above.