Assistant Professor
Gilbert 010

Education: Michelle Dolgos
MSc University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN 2006
PhD The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH 2009
Postdoctoral Associate University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK 2009-2012
Postdoctoral Associate Center for Sustainable Materials Chemistry, Corvallis, OR 2012-2013

Ziegler-Buehler Fellowship 2002-2005
IPNS Argonne National Laboratory Graduate Fellowship 2004
Carol Moulton ACGS Service Award 2005
International Center for Materials Research International Internship Award 2009
Vicki and Patrick F. Stone Scholar 2013

Research Group Website:

Research Interests:
My research interests lie in the synthesis and characterization of new, improved materials for both clean energy applications and for electronic materials such as piezoelectrics and multiferroics, with a focus on using environmentally benign materials with low toxicity. The development of new advanced functional materials with both high performance and a low energy impact is one of the most important challenges in the scientific community today as the current energy economy, based on fossil fuels is at serious risk. These goals will be achieved through studying the structure-property relationships of advanced materials. By taking materials and definitively characterizing their complex structural features it is possible to gain insight into what drives its behavior. The key aspect of the relationship between the structure of a material and its properties is often overlooked, but through a complete understanding of the structure-property relationships of known structures, it will be possible to rationally design and tune new materials with the desired properties.

Representative Publications:
McQuade, Ryan R.; Dolgos, Michelle R.*  “A Review of the Structure-Property Relationships in Lead-Free Piezoelectrics” Invited Review, J. Solid State Chem., (2016), In Press. Doi: 10.1016/j/jssc/2016/01/008

Kim, J.; Dolgos, M.R.; Lear, B.J.; "Isolation and Chemical Transformations Involving a Reactive Intermediate of MOF-5" Cryst. Growth Des., (2015), 15(10), 4781-4786

Bommier, C.; Surta, T.W.; Dolgos, M.R.; Ji, X.; "New Mechanistic Insights on Na-Ion Storage in Nongraphitizable Carbon" Nano Lett. (2015), 15(9), 5888-5892.

Kamunda-Devonish, M.K.; Fast, D.B.; Mensinger, Z.L.; Gatlin, J.T.; Zakharov, L.N.; Dolgos, M.R.*; Johnson, D.W.*; "Synthesis and Solid-State Structural Characterization of a Series of Aqueous Heterometallic Tridecameric Group 13 Clusters" Inorg. Chem. (2015), 54(8), 3913-3920.

Hou, Y.; Fast, D.B.; Ruther, R.R.; Amador, J. M.; Fullmer, L.B.; Decker, S.R.; Zakharov, L.N.; Dolgos, M.R.*; Nyman, M.*; "The atomic level journey from aqueous polyoxometalate to metal oxide". J. Solid State Chem. (2015), 418-425.

Mandal, P.; Manjon-Sanz, A.; Corkett, A.J.; Comyn, T.P.; Dawson, K.; Stevenson, T.; Bennett, J.; Henrichs, L.F.; Bell, A.J.; Nishivori, E.; Takata, M.; Zanella, M.; Dolgos, M.R.; Adem, U.; Wan, X.; Pitcher, M.J.; Romani, S.; Tran, T.T.; Halysamani, P.S.; Claridge, J.B.; Rosseinsky, M.J.; "Morphotropic Phase Boundary in the Pb-Free (1-x)BiTi3/8Fe2/8Mg3/8O3-(x)CaTiO3 System: Tetragonal Polarization and Enhanced Electromechanical Properties".  Adv. Mater. (2015) 27, 2883-2889.

Atkins, R.; Dolgos, M.; Grosse, C.; Fielder, A.; Fischer, S.F.; Johnson, D.C. “Synthesis and systematic trends in structure and electrical properties of [(SnSe)1.15]m(VSe2)1, m = 1,2,3, and 4”. Chem. Mater. (2014), 26(9), 2862-2872.

Dolgos, M.; Adam, U.; Wan, XM.; Claridge, JB.; Majon, AM.; Comyn, TP.; Bell, AJ.; Stevenson, T.; Bennett, J.; Rosseinsky, M.J.; “Polar B-site compositional control of [110]p polar displacement coupling in an ambient pressure stable Bi-based ferroelectric”. Angew. Chem. Int. Edit. (2012), 51(43), 10770.

Dolgos, M.; Adam, U.; Wan, XM.; Xu, Z.; Claridge, J.B.; Rosseinsky, M.J.; “Chemical control of octahedral tilting and off-axis A cation displacements allows ferroelectric switching in a bismuth-based perovskite”. Chemical Science. (2012) 3(5) 1426-1435.

Dolgos, M; Paraskos, A; Stoltzfus, M; Yarnell, S; Woodward, P.M; “The electronic structure of vanadate salts: cation substitution as a tool for band gap manipulation”. J. Solid State Chem. (2009) 182(7) 1964-1971.