Useful Links For Undergraduate Research Opportunities for Chemistry students

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Department of Chemistry, Oregon State University

The dates may change from year to year, so check the web pages listed below!

  Application deadlines vary from December through March for summer opportunities.
  Summer Experiential Programs in Chemistry and other areas offered through the National Science Foundation (NSF)

Listed by State:

It is worthwhile to look at the California schools and check - look for schools that have programs that start mid to late June.  Many semester schools start REU programs June 1 or even in May and most OSU students have a difficult time getting finals done that early but some have done it!  If you see a program that looks interesting to you, apply for it.  These are very competitive programs.  

  Cirrus (Chemistry Internet Research Resources for Undergraduate Students) at Pacific Lutheran U is a good resource for links and information at  Click on the Summer Programs link at the top left.
  Summer research programs for college students at NASA:

(for example:)


  Summer funded research on the Oregon State University campus:  URISC.  The DEADLINE for receipt of applications in the Research Office (A312 Kerr Admin) is usually in February. This is a great opportunity to find out what research is all about and earn $$ for the summer.   See the URISC web page for more information:

Summer Programs: Brochures for some of the following programs are available in the SAACS room-Gilbert 022.  Good opportunity to join the chemistry club- Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society!

Below are some additional examples.   Many other opportunities are offered through commercial companies.

Where Type of Research When stipend Deadline for application website
HHMI's Janelia Farm Research Campus Biomedical June - August ,
$4,500 for the 10-week period + some travel Jan 14, 2012


San Jose State University, San Jose, CA OR Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, NY  Undergraduate Fellowships in Nuclear Chemistry & Radiochemistry June 14 to July 25 $4000 Feb 1, 2012
Dow AgroSciences
Indianapolis, IN
 All areas of R&D 10-12 weeks in
the summer
 Salary based on level and experience; housing subsided Dec 31, 2012
University of Nebraska-Lincoln Applied Math, Bioenergy Systems, Biomedical Engineering, Nanomaterials and Nanoscience, Physics, Redox Biology/Biological Chemistry, Virology June 7 (Applied Math is 8 weeks, all other are 10 weeks) $3,000 to $4,000, room and board, travel expenses Priority deadline is Feb 15, otherwise March 1


SURF Program
UT Southwestern Medical Center

Dallas, TX

13 areas of chemistry, biochem & biophysics June 1 - Aug 12 $3500 Feb 9, 2012
University of Georgia

Athens, GA

Computational Quantum Chemistry 10-12 weeks $2000/month +travel exp. Feb 1, 2012

Eugene, OR

Materials Science 9 weeks starts mid June $4000 + room/board +travel Feb 28, 2012

Department of Energy
SULI - Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internships

many US locations

many areas of science 10 weeks flexible $400/week + housing + maybe travel Jan 10, 2012


Oregon Health Sciences Univ. CMOP
Beaverton, OR
environmental toxicology 2-3 months $4600 April 2, 2012


University of Wisconsin
GLWI- Great Lakes Water Institute

Milwaukee, WI

aquatic sciences June 8
10 weeks
$5000 +travel + board March 5 2012


University of Minnesota

NanoMaterials, Optics and Polymers Summer Internships (MRSEC)

June 1




$2530 +travel



Feb 15, 2012


University of Maryland Materials Science and Physics     Feb 18, 2012


Montana State University

Bozeman, MT

chemistry and biochemistry June 1
Aug 10
$4000 + travel+ housing + food March 1, 2012


Mayo Graduate School -SURF Program

Scottsdale, Ariz. and Jacksonville, Fla

many disciplines June 1 $5000 Feb 1, 2012
Cornell University

Ithaca, NY

Materials Science June 1-Aug 9 $4000 March 1, 2012
Chulalongkorn U. Mahidol U. and Chulabhorn U.
several disciplines- research conducted in English June 3-Aug 9 $3500 + airfare + housing + Thai language and culture course Feb 1st

Naval Research

many participating labs (see their web page): FL, CA,MD,MS,PA,RI,VA

many disciplines  10 weeks $5500 + travel Jan 6, 2012 NREIP

Intel Corporation

locations in OR, WA, CA, AZ & NM & International

materials science after graduation,
varies varies

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