Please fill out the Reimbursement Request Web form.  Incomplete forms will result in delays in reimbursements.  Reimbursement paperwork must be submitted no more than 60 days after return.

Items you may request reimbursement for:

  • Airfaire
  • Mileage or Fuel (not both)
  • Rental Car Charges
  • Shuttle Charges
  • Hotel Fees
  • Meals or Per Diem (not both)
  • Extra Baggage Charges

Itemized receipts for all requested reimbursements MUST be submitted with the Reimbursement Request Web form.

Reimbursement Request forms will be used for the reimbursement of travel expenses of employees, students, and non-employees on official university business, regardless of the funding sources. Requests for reimbursement are to be submitted within 60 days after the trip has been completed. If the trip is exceptionally lengthy, interim filings may be permitted with prior approval. In no case can a reimbursement request be submitted after the close of the fiscal year in which the cost was incurred.

A Reimbursement Request Web form cannot be filed before the trip is completed. Filing Reimbursement Requests beyond the 60-day time limit may result in the reimbursement payment being taxable as wages to the employee and/or being denied.

When two or more employees travel together, it may be expedient for one employee to pay and claim reimbursement for certain expenses of other employees.  Examples are:

  1. There is a single charge for a group (e.g. road or bridge toll, parking fee taxi fee)
  2. Two employees share a room.  One may pay the bill and claim the actual amount, (with an original, itemized receipt) up to the combined lodging allowance. 

Claims for reimbursement or payment of travel expenses must include a business purpose.  The business purpose should be descriptive enough to clearly answer any questions regarding who traveled, the business necessity of their travel, proof of travel, and the benefit to OSU. 

For all claims, submit a Reimbursement Request Web form.

Employees - Expenses are reimbursed with appropriate documentation.  Passports, visas, immunization shots and other miscellaneous expenses with receipts may be reimbursed when required for an international trip. Per Diem is available only while the employee is in “travel status” (official university business requiring an overnight stay away from the employee’s official station or non-overnight travel where the employee leaves/returns home two or more hours before or after their normal start and end times).  When employees travel together, it may be expedient for one employee to pay and claim reimbursement for certain expenses of other employees.  Reimbursement for multiple employees is only allowed when actual expenses are being reimbursed and are supported by receipts.  Employees involved cannot request reimbursement for such expenses paid on their behalf to another claimant.

Employees on Leave - Reimbursement for expenses incurred during sabbatical or other types of leave is warranted only in exceptional circumstances.  These costs must be pre-approved by the department head before the leave is taken.

New Employees may be reimbursed for house hunting and moving expenses when costs are necessary to employ qualified personnel and are included in the employee's letter of offer.  The maximum total cost being paid must be indicated in the new employee’s letter of offer.  New employees teaching summer session only may be reimbursed for travel expenses associated with one round trip only.

Students who travel as employees or officially designated representatives of OSU may be reimbursed for travel expenses. 

Team/Group - One state employee, such as a coach, athletic director, or group leader, may request reimbursement for expenses paid for team or group members on a single Travel Reimbursement Request form.  Other members of the same group may not claim reimbursements.

Non-employee expenses should be kept separate from employee expenses.  Detailed itemization of expenses is required and must be supported by receipts.  When team/group members are provided cash to buy their own meals, a list of the individuals’ names, their signatures, and the amount disbursed is required.  Field trips must be necessary for field instruction, observation of contemporary practices and other areas that are not readily available for classroom or laboratory presentation, but are considered by the instructor to be subject matter essential to the course.

Original, itemized receipts must be submitted by the non-employee traveler as support for expenses. Photocopies of invoices, credit card statements or record of charge slips accompanying the monthly billing statement, receipts or restaurant stubs are not acceptable.  Tear tags, credit card slips, and notations on lodging folios are inadequate replacements for itemized receipts.

Unpaid Members of Advisory Committees - May be reimbursed for actual and reasonable meal expenses and mileage.  Original itemized receipts are required.

Employees of Other State & Federal Agencies - Employees of other agencies acting in their official capacity are to be reimbursed for travel expenses by their own agency.  OSU cannot pay these individuals directly. OSU will reimburse their agency when invoiced for expenses.

Official Guests - Official guests can be, but are not limited to: faculty candidates, research collaborators, visiting scientists or lecturers, seminar or workshop speakers, observers, etc.  Pre-approval by appropriate program personnel is required prior to extending an invitation.  A clear benefit to OSU must be provided when requesting payment of invited guest expenses.

  • Faculty candidate’s family member(s) - payment of expenses require prior approval from the appropriate budget authority and will be taxable to the candidate.
  • Guest Speakers not receiving compensation - airfare and lodging can be direct billed to departments.
  • Official Guests not receiving compensation - expenses such as airfare, lodging, meals, and vehicle rental can be reimbursed to the guest when supported by original itemized receipts.  Meal per diem and mileage can be reimbursed to the guest at current OUS mileage and per diem rates.
  • Official Guests receiving compensation - all incurred expenses (including meals, lodging, transportation, etc.) are incorporated in the PSI/PSC payment amount and should be coded as appropriate to the expense; not travel account codes.