OSU students wishing to change their major to chemistry, add a chemistry major as a second major, or chemistry majors who wish to add an option or change an option should do the following:

1. Consult the chemistry advising webpage for information and select an option. We find that students are much more likely to graduate in a timely manner with the chemistry major degree if they have earned no less than a C grade in each CH 231/261, 232/262, 233/263 and MTH 251, 252 and a general physics sequence.

2. Contact the head chemistry adviser and setup an advising appointment. It helps if you bring in the checklist for the option you choose with the courses checked off that you have already taken or now this is available in MyDegrees online.

3. Submit the "Change of Undergraduate Academic Program" form to officially change your major as described below. Remember that the BS chemistry degree requires that one (or more) of the options be chosen and this must be shown on the form. The BA chemistry degree does not require an option but does require second year proficiency in a second language.


1. Obtain and process the form entitled "Change of Undergraduate Academic Program" in the main Chemistry Office, at Gilbert Hall Room 153. They will help you fill out the form and help you contact a chemistry adviser if you haven't done this yet. You can download the form and bring it with you to the Chemistry office if you prefer.

2. Fill out the form and sign it. Information in the first column indicates your current status. This includes all degrees, options and minors that you are currently purusing. The 2nd column is used to indicate what you are changing from the first column (ie. Adding a MInor, Changing Options, Changing Degree, etc.) The important codes to rememebr are for the College of Science (code 08) and the Chemistry Major (code 520 for undergraduates). If you are changing your option, use the codes from the table below. (Note there are no options for the B.A. degree.)

3. After obtaining some advising in chemistry and a signature from the head chemistry adviser, return the form to the main Chemistry office and Chemistry will stamp the form, retain a copy and forward the original to the College of Science office for you. The College Head Adviser will check the form and sign it and forward it on to the Registrar's office for you. If for some reason you need to rush the form, you can request to hand deliver the form yourself, otherwise it will go by campus mail which will take a couple of days from start to finish to reach the Registrar's office.

Description Option Code
Advanced Biochemistry 519
Advanced Chemistry 521
Biochemistry 518
Business 523
Chemical Engineering 303
Chemistry Education 516
Environmental Chemistry 504
Forensic Science 505
Materials Science 522
Pre-medicine a 600

a note that this is the same code as the premed option for general science