Document Structure

The document is separated into multiple sections.  The Commitment to Diversity section details the culture and values our Department maintains.  The Department continues to be focused on aligning its own planning efforts with the University's Strategic Plan 3.0.   A detailed Introduction provides context about our Department. Finally, the Department has established a roadmap for accomplishing its long-term aspiration to become a Top-25 Chemistry Department. These goals are subdivided into five main themes listed in the mission statement and are discussed individually. 

Long Term Goal

To become a comprehensive, Top-25 Chemistry Department focused on addressing critical societal issues facing the world today. 

Mission Statement

The OSU Chemistry Department is committed to being a diverse, world-class program that provides: 

Flask: Research and Graduate Education

(A) Research and Graduate Education

Cutting-edge fundamental and applied research opportunities that engages researchers at all levels and promotes one of the best graduate education programs in the United States; 

Education of Undergraduate Majors

(B) Education of Undergraduate Majors

A consistently modern educational experience for undergraduate Chemistry majors that prepares them for careers in an ever-evolving workplace; 

Curricular Service

(C) Foundational and Enabling Curriculum

High-quality curricular service to the University through innovative  classrooms and online educational tools; 

Service to the Profession & Outreach to the Community

(D) Advancing a Culture of Innovation

Entrepreneurial tools for students and faculty to translate their research into high impact opportunities for society; and 

Advancing a Culture of Innovation

(E) Service to the Profession & Outreach to the Community

Outreach to the public about the importance of Chemistry and supports an inclusive environment in science that engages the next generation of chemists.

The Department of Chemistry formally adopted this plan on September 19, 2014.