The elements of this strategic plan explicitly seek to advance the goals of the University's own Strategic Plan. Specifically, the three main goals of Phase III directly connect to our goals: “Provide a Transformative Educational Experience for All Learners” is at the heart of every Department activity, and is called out specifically in our goals in Research and Graduate Education, Education of Undergraduate Majors, Foundational & Enabling Curriculum and Professional Outreach & Engagement to the Community. “Demonstrate Leadership in Research, Scholarship, and Creativity while Enhancing Preeminence the the Three Signature Areas of Distinction” speaks to our emphasis on Research and Graduate Education as well as our aspiration to achieve a Top 25 ranking. Further, the research portfolio has tied closely into the three signature areas. Our recent work in sustainable materials, as well as more traditional study of environmental chemistry, is critical to advancing the science of sustainable ecosystems. Our expertise in natural products and bioanalytical chemistry provide key skills and tools for improving human health and wellness. Our strategies for taking on scientific problems with central connections to societal challenges, and in translating our discoveries into viable innovations (Advancing a Culture of Innovation) show how we promote economic growth and social progress. We have, and will continue to, reach out to partners in the University community in reaching our mutual goals.