The Department has a strong track record of research transfer as demonstrated by the many start-up companies founded by OSU Chemistry faculty and students (Amorphyx Corp., Beet, Inc., Galaxy Single Molecule Diffraction, GeneSpace, Inpria Corp., OnLine Chem Labs, Trilium Fiber Fuels, Valliscor).  Furthermore, patented concepts from the Department have led to development of improved die materials, new designs in mass spectrometry and clinical drug candidates. CSMC provides a unique training environment for students to hone their entrepreneurial expertise.  Faculty and students are actively engaged with OSU Advantage (including OSU Advantage Accelerator), Oregon Nanoscience & Microtechnologies Institute (ONAMI) and Oregon BEST




OSU’s Strategic Plan 3.0 targets a 50% increase in invention disclosures and licensing revenue by 2018. With 8+ startups and numerous patents originating from our Department, we will foster a culture of innovation through our goals:

Culture of Innovation Goals


Advance two additional faculty members to leadership roles in OSU Advantage, ONAMI and/or Oregon BEST.


Increase awareness and appreciation for faculty involvement in patent disclosures and technical innovations.


Engage with OSU Advantage, Signature Research Centers, and the Regional Accelerator & Innovation Network as a leading voice for development of facilities that address the broad needs of Chemistry in the innovation process. 


Departmental Commitments

  • Identify and prepare key faculty to assume leadership positions in economically focused ventures (Supports Goal D1).
  • Involve 20% of graduate students, postdocs, and faculty in innovation education and practice by 2018 (Supports Goal D2).
  • Establish “Chemistry Innovators Lectureship” by Fall 2016 (Supports Goal D3).
  • Establish by Fall 2016 a 10-member Chemistry Innovation Advisory Board comprising Department alumni and innovation leaders to provide advice during initial phases of start-up formation (Supports Goal D1-D3).

Potential Investments

  • Infrastructure Investments:  There is a urgent need to expand the laboratory space available to support new startup companies on-campus and in Corvallis (Supports Goals D1 & D3).
  • Foundation Partnerships:  The Department is committed to helping the University attract private funding through working closely with the OSU Foundation. We see exciting fundraising opportunities for the establishment of consortia programs with industry to support students and to support innovation culture.  Additionally, exciting opportunities exist for donors to invest in new technologies that help create a healthy planet, healthy economy and a healthy environment (Supports Goals D2-D3).