1. Priority Registration Dates can be found on the Academic Calendar
Priority is based on credits earned plus in progress. If you are a continuing student at OSU, you do not need a new PIN to register for winter term. If you are new to OSU winter term and a chemistry major, contact Dr. Pastorek to get your PIN.

During Phase One  - you can register for max of 16 cr during Phase One

During Phase Two - you can register for up to 19 cr

For your exact day and time for registration, sign on to Student Online Services, then select Registration, then Check Your Registration Status. Registration status will be available approximately one week before registration begins. Otherwise, see Registrar for re-enrollment and registration procedures.

Chemistry Majors taking General Chemistry should enroll in CH 27X chem lab for majors plus the recitation that meets before the lab for chemistry majors. Of course, you also have to register for one of the lecture sections of CH 23X - it is important to enter all three CRNS in the Registration Worksheet at the same time and register for all three parts at the same time.

If you are repeating general chemistry (CH 221, 222 or 223) for an improved grade you should enroll in both the lecture and the laboratory in order to replace 5 credits of coursework at OSU.

Chemistry Majors taking BI 212 winter term:  If you took CH 271 lab fall term, and you are trying to register for BI 212 winter term, you will need to contact the Integrative Biology office and request a pre-requisite override.  Be prepared to give them your ID number, and the CRNs you want to register for (lecture and lab).  Note the lectures and the labs are linked so if you select the 10 am lecture you must select a lab that follows that lecture in the schedule of classes. ib@science.oregonstate.edu.

Students needing one WIC chemistry course this year to graduate in June are strongly encouraged to enroll in CH 462 & 462H winter. Don't wait for CH 463 spring term which is likely to be over-enrolled - with graduating seniors! The labs have limited spaces and a space spring term is not guaranteed. 

Many courses at OSU now offer an automatic waitlist option if a course is closed. This is only an option for those courses that are labeled as using WL in the schedule of classes. (This is different from the Experimental Chemistry I waitlist- see note below). The OSU waitlist system only updates once every 24 hrs.  You will receive an email prompting you to register if it is your turn and you have 24 hrs to register.

"Registering on your scheduled day & time makes everyone a happy camper!"

2. Special Notes
 - Important Read These!


CH 362/362H - transfer students that need the TR section must place their name on the chemistry department (see link at the top of the CH 362 web page) waitlist. For those of you already in CH 361/361H, overrides have already been entered for you.  You can register by entering the CRNs for the lecture and the lab in the Registration Worksheet and Submit Changes. If you have problems registering for CH 362 or CH 362H, or need to change sections from CH 361/361H due to a winter term conflicts,  please contact Dr. Pastorek. 

CH 462/462H is a WIC course meeting winter term. If you plan to graduate this year and still need to take Experimental Chemistry II plus fulfill the WIC Bacc Core requirement - this is the course for you! See the course web page for more info - analytical, materials chemistry, and physical chem techniques are covered this term. CH 462 & 462H lab meets Wednesday and Friday from 1:00-4:50.

If you are required to take the BB 494 (lab) for your chemistry option only graduating seniors will be admitted winter term. 

Option Requirements and Opportunities for Chemistry Options:

Business option. All Business courses are using Enforced Prerequisites. If you are unable to register for a business course, please contact the advisor in BA. Chemistry majors with the option of Business can be eligible to earn a minor in Business and Entrepreneurship. The BA&E minor also requires an orientation course, GPA requirements, and academic residency requirements. You must meet with an advisor in the College of Business to find out more on this. See the BA web page for more information.

Track 1 Advanced Biochemistry option: You should plan to take BB 494(3cr) and BB 497 (1 cr) Winter term This will change the total number of BB lab credits from 9 to 8 credits. Please go to the BB main office in ALS 2011 to request an override for the labs.

Track 2 Biochemistry option: BB 493 now meets only spring term, you should plan to take BB 494 Winter term. Please go to the BB main office in ALS 2011 to request an override for the 494 lab.

Forensic Science option and Environmental Chemistry options: Bi 314 is now a prerequisite for MB 302/303 and Bi 314 requires three terms of BI 211-213, so you will need to plan ahead. Also, TOX 455 is scheduled to be taught Spring term. TOX 490 is being taught winter term and this is a popular course that also satisfies one of the FS electives.  TOX 411 meets only Spring term. A Minor in TOX is a good fit for many chemistry majors that are working on the For Sci chem option.  Check out the EMT web page for more information on the minor. 

PreMed option: if you are PreDent - consider taking the PreDent orientation course winter term, BI 107; the PreMed orientation course, BI 109, meets spring term.  PHL 444 can be waitlisted for Winter term and is required for Chemistry PreMed option - see the list of substitute courses. Note ANTH 383 offered winter term is an acceptable substitute for PHL 444 and fulfills Global Issues Bacc Core. Check the Additional Info link for your option for explanations, additions, and changes to requirements.

Chemistry Educ option:  For teaching practicum hours requirement, you should plan to take TCE 309 or TCE 409 (as of Spring 2012, SED 409 no longer offers first-hand teaching experience).   Check the Additional Info link for your option for explanations, additions, and changes to requirements.  A useful course for HS teacher preparations is also the Chemical Information Seminar, CH 607 (1 cr P/N), that meets winter term on Mondays at noon. You need an override to register for this (CRN 33839). 

3. PIN numbers

PIN numbers are the same for an entire academic year (in the Chemistry Department). 
If you forgot your PIN or lost it you will need to visit your chemistry advisor. The main office will not give out this information. However, the chemistry office can provide your adviser's name, and contact information.  If you have not already signed up for an option, go to the chemistry office and get the Pink Form - make an appointment with your Chem Advisor to select an option and fill out the formA useful guide in progress is the options checklist posted on the Departmental website. 

4. Graduating Seniors

It is up to you to verify with your adviser if you have any questions.  Check MyDegrees online to see an automatic checking audit. 

Students planning to graduate Winter or Spring terms may apply to graduate by logging on Online Services.  Make sure that you declare your degree (B.S. or B.A.), chemistry as your major and give the complete name of your option(s) if your degree is a B.S.

More information for chemistry students

5. Declared Electives

For some options, the student must have elective courses approved. For the advanced chemistry and advanced biochemistry options of the B.S degree or the B.A. degree, students are required to have their career-supportive electives approved by their adviser Fall quarter of the junior year. For the business option, you must specify which business courses will be used for upper division electives. For the chemical education option, the secondary endorsement area should be based on a primary endorsement other than chemistry.

6. Research and Internships

Check out the faculty research pages and contact faculty directly to set up an appt to discuss research opportunities in their labs. To register for undergraduate research (CH 401) & internships (CH 410), students must fill the blanket number form available at this link or in the chemistry office. See directions for registering for these courses.

7. Other

PHOTO Please arrange to get your picture taken for the graduate's picture board that is displayed in the hallway of Gilbert Hall. Photo appointments can be made by emailing chemistry.student@oregonstate.edu and take less than five minutes. 

Exit Poll. We encourage all graduating seniors to fill out and submit the exit poll (see link at the top) This information is used for planning purposes and also to support applications for teaching grants. And we would like to know how we are doing!

On the chemistry advising web page, you will find a great deal of information including registration schedules, B.S. and B.A. curricula in four forms (requirements by area, checklists, timetables by term, and by year), a list of prerequisites and terms that courses are taught, and a link to course equivalents from other institutions.