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Since we awarded our first Ph.D. in 1935, the Department of Chemistry at Oregon State University has grown into a thriving community of over 120 graduate students and 19 research active faculty that stretch across analytical, organic, materials/inorganic, physical, computational, and nuclear divisions. We offer an engaging graduate program that serves as an opportunity for students to deepen their knowledge of chemistry, creating solid foundations for chemistry-based careers after graduate school. With involved faculty and collaboration across groups, we provide a cooperative, interactive experience that puts dynamic scientific development and the fostering of student progress first.  

Even beyond the traditional components of our graduate program, we provide a unique introduction to the academic career field through our Teaching Mentor Program. This advanced program allows graduate students to work with a faculty member who mentors them in the practice of teaching, and allows them to contribute to the construction and operation of a college-level chemistry course.

Components of the Graduate Program

The PhD program includes:

  • Required coursework
  • Divisional requirements for cumulative exams and seminars
  • A preliminary oral examination
  • A thesis research project 

Each student works with a faculty advisor in order to determine the program of courses that he or she will take after matriculation, and to undertake his or her research.  

Post-Graduate Careers

Our graduate degree program can prepare students for positions in:

  • Industry
  • Research institutes
  • Government agencies
  • Academia