Spring 2016
To avoid any last-minute panic and confusion in finding proctors for all our group exams, I am going to set up all the proctoring assignments at the start of the quarter.

Check your schedule for conflicts with possible proctoring assignments, particularly in Finals Week and fill in this form approproately.  Fill in the form for all the exams, even those for courses to which you are not assigned, as you will not necessarily proctor the exams for the class for which you are a TA.  Conflicts with social events are generally not a good reason to not be available.  Note that proctors usually meet about 30 minutes earlier than the scheduled start times.

Please complete this form by 5pm, Thursday, April 7th.

If I do not hear back from you by the that time, I will assume that you are free at all times and schedule you as needed.  It will be your responsibility to work out any conflicts that arise!

Thanks for your quick response.


Ex: CH 231, CH 332, etc.
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