A Central Science

Chemistry is more than just another science class.

Chemistry makes up a huge part of how we understand our world.

It helps us discover what makes things work.

It helps us develop new materials, new medicines and even new types of food.

Chemistry interacts with a million different fields. Without it at the center, none of those advances would be possible.

Why Study Chemistry?

Because it's fundamental to our understanding of the world around us. 

Chemistry is literally everywhere.

It's on the canvases of the great painters. It's in those sugar cookies in the bakery window. It colors your hair. It makes blue jeans blue. It's what lets us breathe the air around us and, most importantly, it's what drives our ability to think.

Many people feel that Chemistry is too difficult, too unapproachable. Like any good science, it is rooted in finding the truth and the truth is not always easy to find. Does that mean it's not the right choice for you?

Before you answer, think about this:

Chemical reactions drive everything. From volcanoes to a cup of soda. From air conditioners to helium balloons. From plants to humans and every creature in between. All of them rely on Chemistry to function. Anything you interact with on a daily basis requires Chemistry to even exist. Without Chemistry, we wouldn't even be around to complain about how hard we think Chemistry is.

So, here's the real question:

Why wouldn't you want to study Chemistry?


Chemistry as a Central Science


Chemistry is Everywhere!
Agriculture Food Technology
Forensics Fine Art
Material Science Biotechnology
Medicine Textiles
Geology Water Purification
Personal Care Horticulture
Nanotechnology Construction
The list just keeps going on and on and on...










Careers @ Chemistry

Chemistry Careers aren't going anywhere. With so many fields relying on skilled chemists, there are a multitude of career paths open. The Bureau of Labor Statistics places chemistry jobs as still on the rise. Competitive pay, rewarding work and healthy job growth outcomes (estimated 7% increase every year), chemistry remains a reliable field for any prospective student to consider. The benefits extend beyond that, however. Chemists contribute directly to the betterment of the world. Finding solutions to waste management. Designing new materials to be stronger, more effective and more environmentally friendly. Developing new methods of combating chronic conditions and debilitating diseases. Chemistry drives the world and it needs people like you to keep it on course.

Chemistry @ Oregon State

The Department of Chemistry offers a multitude of paths for you no matter which direction you go. Our majors cover some of the most important careers in the job market today. Chemistry isn't restricted to research either. Chemical Engineers, Physicians, Civil Engineers and hundreds of other professions use chemistry all the time. That's why we strive to drive innovation with new discoveries, and new research. Chemistry Majors offer endless opportunities to understand and change the world we live in. Just like everything else in science, it all begins with a single step:

Undergraduate Chemistry Students
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