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Additional Information about Forensic Science Option at OSU

Sample curriculum for B.S chemistry degree with forensic science option

General Forensic Science Links

  1. Comprehensive list including undergrad and grad schools:
  2. List of undergraduate FC Ed programs:
  3. Listing of all levels of Criminal Justice Programs and great information on Forensic Science degrees and careers.  
  4. American Academy of Forensic Sciences home page:
  5. Society of Forensic Toxicologists:
  6. FBI summer internships:
  7. International Crime Scene Investigators Association's information at
  8. Forensic Science Technician - A Guide to Forensic Science Degree Programs 

Possible Internship Locations for Extra Experience

State Forensics Lab - Springfield - drug and chemical analysis.

State Forensics Lab - Salem - ballistics

State Forensics Lab - Portland - the largest state crime lab. 

"Cops and Robbers 101" (Corvallis Police Academy).  10-week workshop, 3 hrs/week, Wed 6:30-9:30 pm.  Taught Fall and Spring.  Overview of what Corvallis police do. Includes learning to: drive a police car, firearm safety and use, fingerprinting, etc.  

Where can you use a B.S. in Chemistry with a Forensic Science option?

Forensic Scientist - an expert in using scientific investigations to establish facts in many aspects of criminal, civil and regulatory cases; works with lawyers.

Criminalistics - analysis, comparison, identification & interpretation of physical evidence obtained through use of technology to reconstruct events of crime;  uses analytical skill, experience in investigations and trials (expert witnesses).

Document Examiner - authorship, authenticity, alterations, and physical features of documents. In addition to BS, requires 2-yr apprenticeship with court examiner.

Forensic Toxicology - interpretation of analytical, clinical and environmental data for law & medicine; expert witness; 

Forensic Pathology - a medical specialty focused on determining the cause of death of a victim

Also Wildlife Forensics;  Computer Forensics; Nursing; Crime Scene Investigation.