Gilbert 351

Kristin Ziebart



B.S., Chemistry, Oregon State University (1999) 
Ph.D., Chemistry, University of California - Davis (2010), with Professor Michael D. Toney 

NIH Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California - San Francisco (2010 - 2011), with Professor Brian K. Shoichet


Courses Taught

General Chemistry (CH 121, CH 122, CH 123), on campus and eCampus (online) 
Organic Chemistry (CH 331, CH 337), on campus and eCampus (online) 

Experimental Chemistry (CH 361, CH 362)



2015 James H. Krueger Faculty Teaching Award, OSU Chemistry 
2015 Action Research Fellowship, ESTEME@OSU 

2010 National Institutes of Health NRSA Postdoctoral Fellowship 

2009 Jeremy K. Knowles Award for best graduate student poster, Enzymes, Coenzymes and Metabolic Pathways Gordon Research Conference 

2006 Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant, UC Davis Chemistry Department 

2004 Bradford Borge Fellow, UC Davis Chemistry Department


Research Interests

On the chemical education side, I am broadly interested in how beginning students learn chemistry, and specifically, how writing plays a role in the development of enduring conceptual knowledge of chemistry. On the chemical research side, I am interested in enzyme mechanisms, and using enzyme kinetics and enzyme inhibition kinetics as a tool to probe mechanistic details of the incredible catalytic power and specificity of enzymes.



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Culbertson, J.E., Chung, D., Ziebart, K.T., Espiritu, E., Toney, M.D. Conversion of Aminodeoxychorismate Synthase into Anthranilate Synthase with Janus Mutations: Mechanism of Pyruvate Elimination Catalyzed by Chorismate Enzymes. Biochemistry (2015), 54, 2372 – 84.

Butler, J.D., Coffman, K.C., Ziebart, K.T., Toney, M.D., Kurth, M.J. (2010)  Orthogonally Protected Thiazole and Isoxazole Diamino Acids:  An Efficient Synthetic Route.  Chemistry – A European Journal 16, 9002-5

Ziebart, K.T., Dixon S.M., Avila, B., El-Badri, M.H., Guggenheim, K.G., Kurth, M.J., Toney, M.D. (2010)  Targeting Multiple Chorismate-utilizing Enzymes with a Single Inhibitor:  Validation of a Three-stage Design.  Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 53, 3718-29

Ziebart, K.T. and Toney, M.D. (2010)  Nucleophile Specificity in Anthranilate Synthase, Aminodeoxychorismate Synthase, Isochorismate Synthase, and Salicylate Synthase.  Biochemistry 49, 2851-59

Dixon, S., Ziebart, K. T., He, Z., Jeddeloh, M., Yoo, C. L., Wang, X., Lehman, A., Lam, K. S., Toney, M. D., and Kurth, M. J. (2006)  Aminodeoxychorismate synthase inhibitors from one-bead one-compound combinatorial libraries:  “staged” inhibitor design.  Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 49, 7413-26