Directions for enrolling in course credit for CH 410, External Internship in Chemistry.

1.  Complete the External Internship Learning Agreement. After receiving feedback from Dr. Pastorek, by email, consult with your Intern Supervisor and make sure their expectations meet your expectations.

2.  Once you have completed the External Internship Learning Agreement and obtained all necessary signatures, complete a Chemistry Blanket Course Request form to request the override required to register for your CH 410 credits. The Chemistry Main Office will process your override using these two forms as supporting documentation and email you when you are able to register for the course. Please be sure to fill out your blanket form completely and sign it.

3.  After you have officially enrolled, make two photocopies of the signed Agreement form.

4.  Provide one copy of the signed Agreement form to your Intern Supervisor, retain a copy for your records and give the signed original to your Academic Advisor.