Education:Jim Ingle
B.S., University of Illinois, Urbana (1968)
Ph.D., Michigan State University (1971)

Phi Kappa Phi; Departmental Milton Harris Teaching Award (1996)
University Dar Reese Award for Excellence in Advising (2000)
College of Science Olaf Boedtker award for excellence in advising (2001)

Research Group Web Site:

Western Regional Hazardous Substance Research Center; Subsurface Biosphere Initiative

Research Interests: Analytical and Environmental Chemistry

Our research is primarily interdisciplinary and focused on the application of analytical chemistry and instrumentation in environmental studies of sub-surface and ground water.  We are exploring the development and deployment of portable field instruments and sensors based on microfluidic chips, immobilized reagents, and miniaturized components including pumps and spectrometers.  Areas of investigation include redox chemistry and transformations in anaerobic samples, chemical speciation, bioremediation, on-line pre-concentration techniques, methods for measuring redox status and specific species including chloroform, trichloroethene, DO, and reduced species such as Fe(II) and S(-II), and detection based on absorption or fluorescence.  Professor Ingle is retired but still active as a research director in joint research projects in which the student has a second research director within the analytical/environmental chemistry division including Dr. Shvarev and Dr. Remcho.

Representative Publications