Chemistry sampes

In order to apply for the graduate program in Chemistry at Oregon State University:

* Go to the Oregon State University Graduate School website and fill out an application. Please include the following with your application:

     * Your personal statement
     * Your CV
     * Your transcripts
     * The names and contact information of three references
     * Any awards, posters, or publications that you have

* If you are an international student, we will also require:

     * Your GRE scores
     * Your TOEFL or IELTS scores unless you received a greater than a B average during two terms in an accredited institution in the U.S., U.K., New Zealand, Australia, or Canada

* Please note that the deadline for applications for Fall Term is Jan. 15, and that we only bring new students in during Fall Term

* Please note that incomplete applications will not be reviewed

The following faculty members are active in their research in the Department of Chemistry at Oregon State University:


Prof. Mike Lerner
Prof. May Nyman
Prof. Mas Subramanian
Prof. David Ji
Prof. Doug Keszler (accepting Master's students only)
Prof. Janet Tate (adjunct)


Prof. Wei Kong
Prof. Chong Fang


Prof. Paul Cheong


Prof. Walt Loveland


Prof. Dipankar Koley
Prof. Vince Remcho
Prof. Claudia Maier
Prof. Jennifer Field (adjunct)


Prof. Paul Blakemore
Prof. Chris Beaudry
Prof. Sandra Loesgen
Prof. Kerry McPhail (adjunct)
Prof. Taifo Mahmud (adjunct)
Prof. Ryan Mehl (adjunct)
Prof. Mark Zabriskie (adjunct)

If you have any questions, please email