Graduate Orientation Week occurs during the week to two weeks before the start of Fall Term. With mandatory events hosted by both the Graduate School and the Department of Chemistry, the activities during Orientation Week help incoming graduate students to register for their classes, complete their paperwork, integrate into their divisions, and teach them how to be teaching assistants. Just as important, Orientation Week allows students to get to know each other, their faculty mentors, and the senior graduate students with whom they will be spending time. While the events are similar from one year to another, the schedule does vary slightly. As such, rather than posting a schedule online, we send each incoming graduate student a Graduate Orientation Week schedule before they arrive in the fall.

What takes place during Graduate Orientation Week?

  • Safety training
  • Registration for classes
  • Teaching Assistant training
  • Human Resources paperwork¬†
  • Laboratory workshops
  • Hosted lunches for graduate students in the sciences
  • Etc.