Inorganic Chemistry
CH 511-512
Inorganic Chemistry
511:Fall  512: Winter  
CH 513
Solid State Inorganic Chemistry
CH 616
Selected Topics in Inorganic Chemistry
 Nuclear and Radiochemistry
 CH 516
 CH 518
Nuclear Chemistry
 CH 519
Radioactive Tracer Methods
 Organic Chemistry

CH 535
Spectrometric Identification of Organic Compounds 

 CH 630-631-632
Advanced Organic Chemistry
 630: Fall  631: Winter  632: Spring
 CH 633
Hypothesis, Evidence and Argument in Organic Chemistry
 Fall  Winter  Spring
 CH 636-637-638
Selected Topics in Organic Chemistry
   637: Winter  638: Spring
 Physical Chemistry
 CH 545
Physical Chemistry of Materials
 CH 548
Surface Chemistry
 CH 550
Introductory Quantum Chemistry
CH 553
Chemical Thermodynamics
CH 651-652
Quantum Mechanics
     652: Spring
 Analytical Chemistry
 CH 524
Bioanalytical Chemistry
 CH 660
Spectrochemical Analysis
 CH 661
 CH 662
Analytical Electrochemistry
 CH 664
Advanced Laboratory in Analytical Chemistry
 CH 691
Environmental Chemistry of Organic Substances
 CH 692
Environmental Transformations of Organic Compounds
 CH 696
Computer Interfacing
 Other Courses
 CH 507/607 Section 5
Teaching Seminar
 CH 507/607 Section 10
Safety Seminar
 CH 590
Computer Programming for Scientists
 Online  Online  Online
 CH 697
Mass Spectrometry of Organic Compounds