Education: Glenn Evans
B.S., Seton Hall University (1968)
Ph.D., Brown University (1973)
Postdoctoral Fellow, Oxford University (1973-74)
Yale University (1974-77)

Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship (1980-82)
Camille and Henry Dreyfus Teacher Scholar (1982-87)
Milton Harris teaching award (OSU Chemistry) (1991)
Sigma Xi research award (1995)

Research Group Web Site: Evans Group 

Research Interests: Physical chemistry of complex fluids

The term complex fluids encompasses many materials: those which self assemble to form nano-scale aggregates (micelles, fibrils), glassy materials with transport properties of a solid and yet molecular structure of a liquid, hydrogen bonded fluids with a varying degrees of orientational regularity.  Our goal is to develop and apply simple microscopic theoretical models to understand the thermodynamic and the transport properties of the set of complex fluids summarized above.

Representative Publications