Consult the table below to help you determine who to contact if you need help.  If you do not see a contact for your specific inquiry, please contact Paula Christie.

Course-related scheduling, classroom changes & additional room requests Paula Christie
Course Registration Questions
Enrollment Limit Adjustments
Undergraduate Advising Christine Pastorek, Jim Ingle, Kevin Gable
Undergraduate Minor Advising Christine Pastorek, Jim Ingle, Kevin Gable
Graduate Student Advising Vince Remcho
Graduate Student Issues Tara Stacy
Graduate TA Assignments Margie Haak
HR, Personnel, Insurance, Visa, Departmental Recruiting, New Hire Paperwork Paula Christie
Payroll Questions Paula Christie
Department Head's Schedule Paula Christie
Promotion and Tenure Kevin GableMas Subramanian, Paula Christie
Grant Finances and Budgeting Kim Howard, ASBC
Seminar Scheduling Luanne Johnson
Web Page Update and Additions Luanne Johnson
Reserving Departmental Rooms Room Reservation Request Form
LPSC Key Requests LPSC Access Request Web Form
Gilbert Hall Key Requests Key Request Web Form
After-Hours Permits Tara Stacy
Departmental Purchases
Chemistry Stores
Travel Arrangements Concur
Travel, Moving & Other Reimbursements Concur
Building Maintenance and Renovations - Gilbert Hall & LPSC Rusty Root
Building Maintenance and Renovations - Gilbert Addition Kristi Edwards
Safety Committee - Gilbert Hall & LPSC Michael Burand
Safety Committee - Gilbert Addition Kristi Edwards

 The following is a breakdown of job duties assigned by office staff member to help determine who to contact:

Paula Christie
Assistant to the Department Head / Office Manager
  • Payroll Questions
  • HR Questions
  • Health Insurance Questions
  • Visa Questions
  • Promotion and Tenure Questions
  • "I don't know who to ask" Questions

MacKenzie Boyd
ECampus Coordinator

  • ECampus Student Support
Luanne Johnson
Media and Event Coordinator
  • Website updates
  • Departmental Marketing (i.e. Newsletter, Social Media, Video Creation, etc)
  • Departmental Photography
  • Event Coordination (seminars, meetings, special events, etc)
Tara Stacy 
Graduate Coordinator
  • Graduate Student Questions (not including advising)

MacKenzie Boyd
Undergraduate Coordinator

  • Undergraduate questions (not including advising)
  • Course issue questions (enrollment, registration, etc)
  • Student Evaluations of Teaching
Student Workers
  • Any and All Leftover Duties As Assigned
  • Filing
  • Copying
  • Scanning
  • Archiving
  • Cleaning
  • Etc.

If you're still unsure who to contact regarding your inquiry, please contact Paula Christie.